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The customer from Chad operates a feed processing plant and needs grain crushing machines to pulverize grains into granular powder suitable for animal digestion, such as poultry and livestock.

Customer needs and visit

The customer learned about our products through the working video of the grain milling machine on our YouTube channel and was attracted to it, contacted us, and expressed a strong willingness to visit the factory, hoping to learn more about the product’s performance and quality.

We warmly welcomed and entertained the customer’s factory visit needs. The customer was satisfied with our grain milling machine after the visit and decided to purchase two machines.

Grain crushing machine usage and advantages

  • Usar: A grain milling machine is used to crush grain into granular powder suitable for animal digestion to meet the production needs of feed processing plants.
  • Ventajas: Our grain milling machine has high efficiency, precision, and stable processing performance, which can meet customers’ requirements for product quality and production efficiency.

The customer’s feed processing plant from Chad fully embodies the recognition of our product performance and quality by visiting our factory and purchasing two sets of grain crushing machines. If you also want to promote the development of the feed processing industry, then please feel free to contact us.