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At the end of April this year, a customer from Malawi contacted us to buy a peanut digger machine, the transaction was completed very quickly as we had stock in our factory, and now the machine has been successfully put into use and received good feedback.

Profile of the customer’s background

  • Location and size: A moderately sized farm located in the west-central region of Malawi.
  • Main crop: The farm owner wants to grow large areas of peanuts for the production of edible peanut oil and peanut butter, as well as peanut candies and other peanut products.
  • Management philosophy: The farm focuses on technological and modernized management of agricultural production, and hopes to introduce efficient machinery and equipment to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Why buy the peanut digger machine

The customer started a peanut farming business last year. With the expansion of the farm scale and economic benefits, the customer wants to reduce the human labor cost, improve the efficiency of peanut harvesting, and ensure the integrity and undamaged quality of the peanuts.

While searching for the machine, the customer found the working video of a peanut digger posted on our YouTube channel and was attracted by the effect of the machine.

working video of the peanut digger machine

Our company’s services

El Malaui customer took the initiative to contact us, and our business manager actively communicated with him introduced the machine to the customer in detail, and sent abundant pictures and feedback videos, etc., which strengthened the customer’s trust.

Since our factory has máquinas cosechadoras de maní in stock, we shipped the machine quickly, and the customer has now put it into use and gained significant benefits.

If you are also interested in peanut processing machinery, then feel free to contact us for more detailed information and machine quotation.