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Côte d’Ivoire customer purchased a silage round baler machine and chaff cutter to improve the efficiency of silage handling. The customer focuses on agricultural projects and has strength and a high level of understanding of the machines, this purchase of machines for project applications, the requirements of accurate and detailed.

Customer needs for silage round baler

The customer wishes to purchase a baling and wrapping machine for baling silage into common round bales and needs a silage grass cutting machine for supporting use.

During the communication process, the customer raised detailed questions about the rope and film, especially concerned about the difference between net rope and grass rope, and finally chose grass rope in consideration of the safety of feed for cattle and sheep.

Machine use and advantages

  • Baling and wrapping machine: It is used to bale silage into round bundles, which improves the preservation period of feed and facilitates storage.
  • Grass cutting machine: Used in conjunction with the silage round baler machine for cutting grass and handling feed ingredients, providing a comprehensive feed processing solution.

Reasons for purchase

  • The customer has a high level of understanding of the machine, knows exactly what equipment is required for the project, and seeks precise details.
  • Considering the safety of feed for cattle and sheep, the customer made a careful choice of rope selection and finally chose grass ropes to protect the food safety of animals.
  • The company provided customers with precise and detailed answers, and two additional sets of grass ropes, reflecting the meticulous attention to customer needs and thoughtful service.

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