Automatic nursery seeding machine / vegetable flower seeds sowing machine

Automatic sowing machine

the Seeding machine is mainly used for planting seedlings such as rice, tomatoes, watermelon, cucumber, pumpkin, onion, rapeseed, and pepper. Rice nursery sowing machine can automatically fill the soil into the nursery tray and accurately drops the seed into the middle of the tray.

The seedling can grow quickly without any damage to roots. Most importantly, the machine has a high yield and is suitable for long-distance transportation. What’s more, the seeding machine has a fast positioning speed and accuracy and is well-favored by our customers.

1. Soil container 2. nursery tray 3. Soil laying motor
4. Brush adjustment 5. Speed adjustment 6. Falling soil adjustment
7. Belt 8. Brush height adjustment 9. Conveyor motor
10. soil brushing device 11. Brush motor 12. flat brush
13 conveyor belt 14. trundle 15. air inflow switch
16. precision pressure-regulating filter 17. air pressure regulating valve
18. barometer 19. conveyor belt adjustment 20. Earth pressing device
21. Cylinder 22. Cylinder adjustment 23. Air blowing device
24. Conveyor motor 25. Seed container adjustment
26. Seeds suction pressure regulation
27. Seed dropping pressure regulation 28. Vibration adjustment
29. Pressure gauge 30. wheel 31. height adjustment
32. Belt adjustment screw 33. Belt adjustment screw 34. Brush adjustment
35. Speed adjustment 36. Falling soil adjustment 37. Conveyor motor
38. nursery tray 39. Falling soil motor 40. Brush
41. Brush motor 42.Soil container

Automatic nursery seeding machine

The original meaning of cultivating seedlings is to do it in nurseries, hotbeds or greenhouses so as to transplant them into the land for planting. it can also refer to the stage where various organisms are artificially protected until they can survive independently.

Through observation, it is found that the existing nursery sowing machine generally has such problems as a single structure, low seeding efficiency, and complex operation, which brings certain limitations in the actual seedling raising process.

Therefore, how to provide a well-structured seeding nursery machine with high efficiency and simple and quick operation has become an important issue, and it needs to be solved at present.

The working principle of the nursery seeding machine

1. Firstly, the operator places the seedling tray into the conveyor belt. The photoelectric sensor covers the soil after sensing the position of the tray.
2. Then brush sweeps the soil of the seedling tray
3. The seedling tray passes through hole digging area that presses into a single hole
4. When the seedling tray reaches the seeding machine, it uses a row of nozzles to adsorb the seed from the vibrating plate, and the nozzle releases the seed into the middle of the tray
5. Seeds fall on a tray through the dropping tube, and then the nozzle automatically repeats the same action
6. Finally, the seedling tray is brushed again by soil.


Automatic nursery seeding machine advantage

1. The single-particle of the needle-type nozzle is high and can be applied to many fields.
2. Users can configure the corresponding seeding board and a suction nozzle according to different seeds and sowing requirements,
3. Nursery tray seeder is fit for such seeds as follow.
The larger size seeds: pumpkin, peas, corn, watermelon, etc.,
The smaller size seeds: petunia, celery, cabbage, etc.
Normal size seeds: pepper, tomato, etc.

4. There is a hole in the middle of the tray, which is good for ventilation.
5. The size of the seedling tray is various such as 4*8, 5*10, 6*12, you can choose them according to your needs.
6. The seedling bears a high survival rate after cultivating by this sowing machine.
7. It is easy to change the needle-type nozzle to fit for seeds with different size.
8. Seeding machine is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion resistance and boasts long service life.

Seeding machine successful case

Our customer from America bought an automatic nursery machine this year and he feels very satisfied, you can view more delivery pictures and information by clicking the following link.
Delivery news about seeding machine

After receiving the seeding machine, he took a feedback video for us, saying that the machine can run well with high working efficiency. He placed an order from us again, and this time he bought extra trays for different purposes.
Why choose us if you want you but this automatic nursery seeding machine

seeding machine
seeding machine

 Why choose us if you want to buy this automatic nursery seeding machine

  1. Seeding accuracy: 97% or more (pelleted seeds), imported electrical accessories
  2. With an automatic photoelectric sensing detection system, the seeding machine won’t load soil and drop seeds if there is no tray.
  3. A dedicated seed recovery device that keeps seeds from being wasted.
  4. The nursery seeding machine is suitable for seeds between 0.3-12mm, and the shape of the seed is not limited, so the scope of application is wide.
  5. With a photoelectric sensing system, the soil covering process can be conducted automatically.
  6. Simply adjust the upper and lower partitions to meet the required amount of soil for the trays.
  7. Applicable maximum tray width(mm): 540.
  8. The conveyor device is equipped with a frequency conversion adjustment system.
  9. Nursery sowing machine uses a button operating system, and soil covering, soil pressing, and seeding are simple, practical, and fast.
  10. The soil loading and conveying device is equipped with a variable frequency speed control system, which perfectly matches the speed of the next process
  11. Seeding speed: 400-550 trays per hour.


  1. What is the raw material? The raw material can be tomato, onion seed, broccoli, cabbage, comb, chrysanthemum, peony, cucumber, watermelon, pumpkin, chili, daisy, cantaloupe, etc.

  2. How many seeds can be absorbed one time? Just one seed is absorbed.

  3. what’s a type of tray? it can be a 32cell tray, 50cell tray,72cell tray, 105cell tray, 200cell tray, etc

  4. What is the survival rate of seedlings? It can reach 99%.

seeding machine Video

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