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Last month, a customer from Israel contacted us and said he needed a hydraulic oil press machine. The customer has a walnut tree plantation and wants to process walnuts into edible oil for his consumption and sale.

Details of purchased hydraulic oil press machine

Since it is the first time that the customer has tried to buy a machine for huile extraction, he has no experience and does not know much about the machine.

Our business manager recommended the following most suitable kind of oil press according to the needs raised by the customer, which is the most economical for the customer.

Also, the customer chose to add a vacuum oil filter when purchasing the machine.

  • Model: 6YY-180
  • Oil cake diameter: 192mm
  • Output: 100-120kg/h
  • Heating power: 720w
  • Heating temperature: 70-90℃
  • Voltage: 220v 50hz single-phase electricity
  • Working pressure: 55-60Mpa
  • Equipment size: 8009001050
  • Weight: 550kg

If you want to know more detailed information about the oil press machine, welcome to click: Oil Extraction Machine |Screw Oil Expeller|Hydraulic Oil Mill.

Communication and service

In our communication with the customer, we provided abundant machine information, detailed drawings, and solutions to common problems to ensure that the customer understood the performance and use of the machine.

In addition, after the machine was made, we sent our customers a video of the test run and a video of the cleaning method to ensure that they could operate and maintain this hydraulic oil press machine properly.

Finally, we also provide the following after-sales services: 24-hour online, lifetime maintenance. English Manual and video teaching. If you are also interested, please feel free to contact us, and we provide you with the most suitable machine as well as a quotation.