The origin and development of corn thresher

Since ancient times, every busy season, all farmers rely on their own hands to harvest, thresh each bunch of crops, large fields down, almost everyone will be grinding bubble, such a scene is not bear to recall.As the direct processing machine for the second largest agricultural products in China, the corn thresher is somewhat faltering compared to the pace of high-speed development.

According to statistics, from the 1980s, China began to purchase a batch of advanced corn thresher from abroad. From the beginning of the hand-cranked corn thresher to the later electric corn thresher, the farmers’ friends were gradually removed from the heavy and physical labor. By the end of 2014, there were more than 240 threaming machine manufacturers in China, and the annual constant of all manufacturers was more than 350,000. As China’s agricultural development direction tends to be mechanized, the development and research on corn thresher is gradually being put on the agenda, and has gradually become the focus of China’s development of agriculture.
From the birth of corn thresher to development, to popularization, it is a sign of the modernization of China’s agricultural development. Due to the vast territory of China, the climatic conditions and agronomic requirements and economic conditions of mountainous areas vary greatly. In relatively flat farmland, the use of corn threshers is still quite extensive. From the perspective of various companies producing corn threshers, most of them belong to small and medium-sized enterprises, few large state-owned enterprises, and there are also large differences in production conditions and technical levels. It is often the case that the corn thresher in a certain area can only be used in the corresponding production area. Therefore, it is a major problem that the state and the government are facing to unify and formulate the corresponding production rules and regulations as soon as possible.

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