What should I do if the corn thresher malfunctions?

The corn thresher can separate the corn kernels and stems, and the threshing depth can be adjusted. Suitable for use in food processing plants with rapid freezing and canned corn producers. It greatly improves the working efficiency of removing corn. It is hundreds of times of artificial corn removal. The product quality is excellent, the technology is mature, the performance is stable, the work efficiency is high, the structure is novel, the process is exquisite, the practicality is strong, and the corn kernel and corn husk are automatically separated. The de-cleaning rate has reached 99%, which is a good helper for the majority of friends.

Trouble removal of corn thresher:
1.The front hopper is too close to the ground, causing the large angle iron scraping
2.The belt is too loose, adjust the dice up and reinstall the belt.
3.Chain: The two sprocket wheels do not collide and the chain is too loose.
4.Large belt deviation: adjust the two sides of the scorpion under the front hopper, the upper belt is deflected, and the left side of the conveyor is adjusted.
5.The thresher does not turn: the clutch is too loose, adjust the clutch lever to make the clutch tighter.

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