Almond kernel separator machine

The almond kernel separator machine is an essential machine for the use of almond and walnut cracked machine . When the almonds are pulverized, the raw materials mixed with the crushed shell and the kernel are placed in a machine to separate the apricot shell from the almonds.

The almond machine consists of such parts as the feeding hopper, the shaking sieve, the fan, the body frame, and other parts. We use the rubber bearing, which is more durable, stable and shock absorbing.

The almond machine utilizes the difference in specific gravity and suspension speed between the shell and the kernel and promotes separation between the shells by means of a gas flow that passes upward through the gap of the particles. Easy to operate; · Small footprint and easy to make up the production line.

In general, The almond kernel separator machine is a good helper for farmers to process almonds and walnuts.

Technical parameter

Model XF-500
power 3 kw
Output of kernel 200-400 KG / H
weight 200 kg
Dimensions 2540*900*1500 mm
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