Chicken hatching machines are called Broiler incubators. This kind of chicken egg incubator machine uses imitation biological principles and automatic control technology to provide suitable conditions for egg embryo development to obtain a large number of high-quality chicks.

Chicken Hatching
Chicken Hatching

Type and function of a chicken brooder

We provide different types of incubators, including mini incubators. So our chicken egg incubator is suitable for industrialized and large-scale incubation production and family incubation. The smallest incubator can hold 16 eggs, and the largest incubator can hold 30,000 eggs.

So you can choose a suitable incubator according to your needs. Besides, our company sells different function egg incubators, such as egg incubators with three functions and egg incubators with one function.

Difference between a three functions eggs incubator and an eggs incubator

The working principle of these two machines is the same. However, the chicken egg incubator with three functions has more functions. The machine can incubate, hatch, and brood.

While, the chicken egg incubator with one function can only be hatched, which means that the chick must be taken out of the machine before the chick comes out of the shell. So you can choose one of the two types of machines according to your needs.

Structure of chicken hatching machines

Structure Of Hatching Machines

What are the inner accessories of the incubator machine?

Automatic Microcomputer Controller
Automatic Microcomputer Controller

It is a fully automatic microcomputer controller. The controller is simple to operate. Besides, its accuracy is high.

Egg Tray
Egg Tray

You should put hatching eggs in the tray.

Circulatory System
Circulatory System

The system exchanges the air between the inside of the incubator and the outside of the machine. So the incubation rate can be ensured.

Humidification System
Humidification System

The humidification system humidifies the incubation environment.

Water Plate
Water Plate

The water in the tray is used for humidification.


What are the advantages of chicken hatching machines?

Compared with artificial incubation methods, chicken egg incubator machines have the following advantages.

  • First, do better in output and output ratio.
  • Second, an egg incubator is less affected by time, temperature, and humidity, because it can simulate the natural conditions required for incubating chicks.
  • Third, high hatchability.
  • Fourth, it is easy to use and can be operated by looking at the manual.
  • Fifth, wide applicability, whether you are a chicken farm or for personal use.

Because of these, it can be said that chicken hatching machines are one of the important pieces of equipment for the development of modern chicken production. Our chicken egg incubator is a fully automatic incubator machine with a simple and clear workflow and easy operation.

Can I hatch other eggs with the chicken hatching machines?

Our chicken hatching machines can not only hatch chicken eggs but also duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, etc.

Chicken Egg Incubator Machines Can Hatch Chicken Eggs, Duck Eggs, Goose Eggs, Quail Eggs, Etc.
Chicken Hatching Machines Can Hatch Chicken Eggs, Duck Eggs, Goose Eggs, Quail Eggs, Etc.

How to use a chicken egg incubator?


  • Firstly, check whether the internal components of the body are complete.
  • Secondly, attach the water pipe to the tap water pipe to facilitate the automatic water supply of the chicken egg incubator. Be sure to check afterward to make sure there is no dripping. Then check to make sure there is no water leak.
  • Thirdly, the rated voltage of the incubator is 220V. Once the voltage is higher than 220V, it will burn the humidifying tube; While if the voltage is lower than 220V, it will not start normally. So you should use a voltage stabilizer.
  • Fourthly, try it out before starting the incubation work to ensure that all functions of the incubator are normal.
  • Lastly, put the hatching eggs into chicken hatching machines. Then set the temperature, humidity, and time required for incubating the hatching egg through the microcomputer control panel.

How to improve the hatching rate of chicken hatching machines?

  1. Selection of breeding eggs: Generally, the hatching rate of fresh eggs is the highest in 5-7 days. Sharpen eggs, steel-preserved eggs, odd-shaped eggs, and breeding eggs that are too large, too small, or have dark spots cannot be used for incubation.
  2. Sterilization of breeding eggs. You can choose ultraviolet rays and bromogeramine which is a kind of medicine, to sterilize breeding eggs.
  3. Indoor temperature and humidity: The room should be kept at 20-25 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity should be kept at 50-60%.
  4. Loading the eggs into the hatching: Place the eggs with the big end up and the small end down.
  5. Use of vents: When using chicken hatching machines for the first time, all parts of the incubator should be closed tightly. All vents on the incubator should be closed. Seven days after the start of incubation, it should be gradually opened depending on the weather.

Incubation time and parameter table of chicken egg incubator

The whole incubation process can be divided into three stages, namely incubation, hatching, and brooding.

First stage: the first 18 days are called incubation.

Second stage: after 18 days, the chicks gradually began to peck at the eggshells.

Third stage: on days 18-21, the chicks came out one after another.

Generally, it takes 21 days. While, because of the difference in the thickness of the eggshell, some chicks come out early and some come out late. So don’t worry if you have the same situation.

Days of incubation1-6 days7-12 days13-18 days19 days and after
Temperature parameter38.0℃37.8℃37.6℃37.2℃
Humidity parameter60%RH55%RH60%RH70%RH
Egg turning parameter2.0(15)2.0(15)2.0(15)2.0(15)
incubation conditions

Machine parameters

Types of machineNumber of chicken eggsNumber of duck eggsNumber of goose eggsNumber of pigeon eggsPower/wOverall size/mm
Small incubator886332112100750*600*800
Medium-sized incubator123288244815683001000*700*1400
big incubator52803780192067209001760*1100*1700
chicken egg incubator machine technical data

FAQ about chicken egg incubator

Can we hatch eggs at home?

Yes, of course. We provide different types of chicken egg incubators, including small egg incubators. With the help of the incubator, you will surely hatch the chicks successfully. It must be fun to watch the chicks turn from eggs into chicks in 21 days.

How much does an incubator cost?

We have many models of incubators. And the price of each model of the machine is different. So if you want to know more information, please contact us.

How many times do you turn an egg in a chicken egg incubator?

The incubator is set to turn the eggs every 1.5 hours, and our incubator runs automatically without an operator. So you just need to set it up.

How soon can you take a chick out of the incubator?

Generally speaking, the newly hatched chicks can stay in the incubator for 24-48 hours. To improve the survival rate of the chicks, you can take the chicks to the brooding box when chicks are dry and fluffy.

Are the hatching time and hatching conditions of different poultry eggs the same?

The hatching time and hatching conditions of different poultry eggs are different. So the hatching time and conditions of duck eggs, goose eggs, pigeon eggs, and quail eggs are different.

What are your payment methods?

Trade Assurance, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, L/C, Pay Pal, Cash, etc.

How many days we can get the chicken egg incubator machine?

If we have chicken hatching machines in the warehouse, we will ship them as soon as possible. But if you need customization, it will take longer.