Electric olive picking machine / nut fruit picking

olive nut fruit harvesting machine

Fruit picking is specially designed for the nut tree picking and harvesting in the orchard. Machine bears compact structure, beautiful shape and simple operation. What’s more, internal and external tubes is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and can be adjusted easily, that is, 2170-3000mm.

Fruit picker is light in weight and good in strength, widely applying to the general nuts such as olive, jujube, date, etc.

Type one: GL-1 electric fruit picking machine

The head of electric picker is a high-strength part that is durable. olive picker machine uses the 12V battery, and household power supply, small generators and other power sources all are suitable for it. It is convenient and practical to use as well.

Technical parameter of fruit picking

Head width260mm
Wire length12m
Packing size2170*160*260mm
RemarkBuyer should buy battery by themselves

The structure of fruit picking machine

  • rake
  • body of motor protected by cover
  • shaft
  • handle
  • fuse socket (10 Amp)
  • DC clamp
  • connection cable (15m)
  • 2-3mtelescopic shaft
  • 5 to2.2m telescopic shaft
  • 2m fixed shaft



Type two: GL-2 electric fruit picking machine

This electric fruit picking is like a ball with long tooth powered by 12v battery, fully saving labor time; its shaft length is 2500mm, and head width is 100mm. 10m wire length makes it convenient to harvest fruits.

Technical parameter of fruit picking machine

Head width100mm
Wire length10m
Packing size2040*110*130mm


N.W/G.W2.5kg/ 3.35kg
RemarkBuyer should buy battery by themselves

Type three: GL-3 gasoline engine fruit picking machine

It is 2-stroke olive shaking machine and is driven by a 43cc gasoline engine with 700ml fuel tank capacity. Rated output power is 1.4kw/7500rpm and hook diameter is 44mm that cannot be adjusted, while the length of tube ranges from 150cm to 225cm. High working efficiency and low broken rate are two prominent features of it.

Technical parameter of fruit picking machine

PowerGasoline engine
Engine type2-stroke
Rated output power1.4kw/7500rpm
Fuel tank capacity700ml
Hook diameter44mm
Shaker length tube150cm-225cm


Packing weight8.0kg

Advantage of fruit picking (for three types)

  1. Wide application. Olive harvester machinealso can picking date, jujube,pecans, chestnut, jujube and other small fruit
  2. It has a flexible shaft and is easy to adjust the length of the head.
  3. Easy to use. Fruit picking powered by electricity or gasoline engine and has simple operation.
  4. High picking rate. All fruits can be picked.
  5. The fruits can keep unbreakable after harvesting.

Successful case of fruit picking machine

With easy use and high capacity, this fruit shaker is popular in the African market. In October 2018, a harvesting season for olive, 20GP container olive shakers were delivered to Lebanon. This customer would distribute all machines to local farmers after receiving them, and the following details are the packing pictures.


  1. what is the difference of 3 types of fruit picking machine?

The first two types are electric and the last one is powered by the gasoline engine.

  1. Which kinds of fruit can be picked by this machine?
  2. The raw material can be olive, date, jujube, pecans, chestnut, jujube and other small fruit
  3. What is the picking rate of the machine?

This fruit picker can work with high efficiency, and all fruits on the tree are able to be harvested during operation.

  1. Will the fruits be broken after picking?

No, the picker machine can fully harvest the fruit without any damage to the fruit itself.


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