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Multifunctional  thresher

our customer from Nigeria ordered 200 sets of corn thresher machines at a low price again. We carefully produce every spare part to ensure the quality of the machine and provide the best service for him.
He distributed machines to local farmers after receiving them, what makes us astonishing is that farmers’ living standards have boosted a lot since they used our machines. Traditionally, they used hands to shell corn, which wastes much time and energy, and they do not have available time to other meaningful things.
Multipurpose thresher machine is equipped with high quality and is a new design product combined with many technologies.Multifunctional Thresher For Maize, Beans, Sorghum, Millet6

Scope of application

This multifunctional thresher is used for threshing maize, millet, sorghum, and other beans.Corn Sheller05 1

The knowledge we need to know

1. Because the working environment of the thresher is very bad, the personnel involved in the operation should be educated in safety operations in advance to make them understand the operating procedures and safety knowledge, such as tight sleeves, masks, and protective glasses.

2. Before use, you must carefully check whether the rotating parts are flexible and without collision, whether the adjustment mechanism is normal, and whether the safety facilities are complete and effective; to ensure that there is no debris in the machine, lubricating parts should be filled with lubricating oil.
3. The operation site should be cleaned up before starting up, and some debris unrelated to threshing should not be placed; children should be prohibited from playing on the edge of the site to avoid accidents.

4. The corn cobs should be fed evenly during work, and prevent stones, wooden sticks, and other hard objects from being fed into the machine.

5. The joint of the transmission belt should be firm. It is strictly forbidden to take off the belt or contact any object with the transmission part while the machine is running.

6. The transmission ratio between the supporting power and the thresher must meet the requirements, so as to avoid personal injury caused by damage to parts or loose fasteners due to excessive speed of the thresher and severe vibration.

7. Continuous operation time cannot be too long. Generally, it needs to be stopped for inspection, adjustment, and lubrication after about 8 hours of work to prevent serious friction causing wear, heat or deformation.

8. Threshers are generally powered by diesel engines. A fire hood should be worn on the exhaust pipe to prevent fire.

9. If the thresher fails during the operation, it should be shut down before maintenance and adjustment.