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As an important piece of agricultural equipment, the peanut harvesting machine’s efficient and precise harvesting ability has become the main reason for its leading hot sales. This machine can quickly and accurately harvest the fruits from the peanut plant, greatly improving productivity.

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Groundnut Harvesting Equipment For Sale
Groundnut Harvesting Equipment For Sale

Advantages of Peanut Harvesting Machine

Technological innovation: The introduction of peanut harvesting machines not only improved efficiency but also automated the operation of agricultural production, enabling farmers to drive the machines to complete heavy agricultural labor.

Saving labor: Through mechanized harvesting, farmers can significantly reduce manual labor and focus their limited labor more on other agricultural segments, improving the overall efficiency of agriculture.

Mini Peanut Picking Harvester
Mini Peanut-Picking Harvester

Groundnut Harvester Structural Features

  1. Front roller: The roller’s crushing makes the soil loose for the next harvest;
  2. Movable shovel blade: compared with the fixed one, it can minimize the harvesting resistance so that the harvesting operation can be easily completed with little power;
  3. Rear auger: through its rotation to make the groundnut seedlings neatly thrown out, so that the harvested peanuts are neatly placed and the first place is consistent;
  4. Climbing chain: after the peanuts are shoveled off by the front shovel, it is responsible for conveying the peanuts from the front to the back until the rear auger completes the next operation;
  5. Vibrating sieve: the vibrating sieve on the fallen fruit collection and storage, can make the land after harvesting clean, without the need for a second manual pick up fallen fruit.
Peanut Harvesting Machine
Peanut Harvesting Machine

Customer Case: Witness to the Global Hot Sales

  • Globally, the popularity of peanut harvesters among farmers is evident. For example, we recently successfully shipped a batch of peanut harvesters to Sri Lanka.
  • Through the introduction of the machine, Sri Lankan farmers have not only improved the efficiency of peanut harvesting but also reduced the burden of agricultural labor.

This is not only a recognition of our peanut harvesting machine performance, but also a reflection of the growing demand for modern agricultural equipment.

Groundnut Harvester For Sale
Groundnut Harvester For Sale

If you also need to improve the efficiency of agricultural production and reduce the burden of labor, please feel free to contact us. We not only provide advanced agricultural equipment but also have a professional team to provide you with full service.