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Recently, our company successfully exported two sets of the latest model 78-2 automatic vegetable tray nursery seedling seeder machines to an agricultural enterprise in Jordan. Since we have semi-finished machines in our factory and only need to customize them according to some of the customer’s needs, the production of the machines was completed very quickly, which reduced the customer’s waiting time.

Customer needs and background information

The cooperation between this customer and our company started last year when the customer showed great interest in the manual seedling raising machine project, but due to various reasons, the project was not finalized.

The company specializes in agricultural production and has specific and strict requirements for nursery seedling machines, insisting on 100% consistency in machine parameters. At the end of last year, they came up with a new project plan and decided to purchase the 78-2 fully automated vegetable tray nursery seedling seeder machine to further improve their nursery efficiency and product quality.

Vegetable tray nursery seedling seeder customization process

The project took nearly one year from the beginning of the negotiation to the finalization of the deal. During this period, our company kept in close contact with the customer and discussed in detail the technical parameters of the machine, including the specification of the seed planting tray, the configuration of the air compressor, and so on.

The customer was very specific about the machine and even provided samples of the nursery trays they were using so that we could customize the nursery machine to the right size. Not only did we provide detailed cabinet drawings and a video of the production process, but we also invited the customer to visit our production site and demonstrate the machine’s operation in person.

Why choose our company?

This customer from Jordan finally chose our company’s automatic vegetable tray nursery seedling seeder machine because we were able to fully meet their specific technical requirements and offer a reasonable price discount. In addition, our professional team was able to provide full after-sales support, including free air compressor service.

Throughout the process, we introduced the details of our products by sending drawings of the automatic seedling planter cabinet, customer feedback videos, factory production drawings, company certificates, etc., which further strengthened the customer’s trust and satisfaction with our products.