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With the continuous development of agricultural mechanization technology, the farmers rice mill unit as a key equipment for rice production is also evolving. There is a significant difference between basic and deep rice milling lines.

White Rice Production
White Rice Production

Standard Farmers Rice Mill Unit

This unit includes the following machines: Destoner — Paddy Husker — Gravity Separator —-Rice Mill—Rice Grader. After this series of operations, you will already have the white rice you can sell on the market.

15Tpd Standard Rice Mill Unit
15Tpd Standard Rice Mill Unit

High Standard Rice Processing Flow

For the advanced version of the rice milling unit, the following machines are essential. Included: Pre-cleaner— Destoner— Paddy Husker– Gravity Separator —-Rice Mill—

Next, depending on your budget, you can move on to the following machines to use: Rice Polisher—Rice Grader—-Color Sorter—Storage Bin —Weighting and Packing Scale. It is important to note that the more of these machines you use, the whiter and better quality rice you get.

15Tpd High Standard Farmers Rice Mill
15Tpd High-Standard Farmers Rice Mill

Differences and Options

The combination of farmers rice mill machines of the same size and dimensions, whether in basic or premium versions, have the same output, the difference is the quality of the finished production.

  • Functionality and Technology: The deep rice milling unit has more advanced functionality and technology, such as fine screening, automatic control, etc., which can improve processing efficiency and product quality.
  • Price and Maintenance: The basic rice milling unit is relatively inexpensive and more affordable to maintain, making it suitable for farmers with limited budgets.

When choosing a rice milling unit, you’ll need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both types based on your own production scale, budget, and technical needs to find the best equipment for you.