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Customer background and requirement

Recently, our company sent a peanut roaster machine to a customer from Lebanon. The customer is a food producer, mainly engaged in peanut butter processing and production business.

As the previous roasting machine has been used for a long time, the peanuts are not roasted evenly, which affects the quality of peanut butter. Therefore, the customer decided to purchase a new peanut roasting machine to improve productivity and product quality.

Customer’s expectation and reason for choice

The customer hoped that the newly purchased peanut roaster machine could roast peanuts evenly and improve the taste and quality of the product.

In the process of communication with us, the customer expressed the need for an air-heated peanut roasting machine. After understanding the actual situation of the customer, we recommended the most suitable configuration for his needs.

After detailed communication and confirmation, we customized the configuration of the machine according to the customer’s requirements to ensure that the new machine could meet their production needs.

Peanut roaster information and benefits

  • Pneumatic heating model: able to provide an even and stable heat source to ensure even peanut roasting.
  • Easy to operate: humanized design, convenient for customers to operate and maintain.
  • Strong durability: made of stainless steel material, prolonging the service life of the machine.

During the communication with customers, we provide detailed product information and timely after-sales support, which enhances customers’ trust. In addition, the new peanut roaster machine we provided this time can effectively solve the uneven roasting problem that the customer encountered before. We customized the configuration according to the customer’s needs to ensure that the machine performance is optimized to meet the production requirements.