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At the end of last month, our company successfully sent 2 sets of silage special round baler machines to customers from Costa Rica, namely TZ-55-52 and TZ-70. After careful communication and customized production, our factory quickly completed the manufacture of two baling and wrapping machines and successfully shipped them to the customer location.

Introduction to customer’s background information

The client runs a large and powerful company with 25 years of import and export experience, mainly planting and selling pineapples.

To effectively utilize the remaining pineapple fiber and solve the pest problem, the client crushed and dehydrated it and converted it into silage. The purpose of purchasing the baling and wrapping machine this time is to wrap and pack the crushed pineapple fiber to keep it fresh and facilitate storage.

Demand communication and customized services

During the communication process with the customer, we learned about the customer’s specific needs for the silage special round baler machine. The customer asked about details such as whether there was a dehydrator, a 7m³ silo, and the specific dimensions of the net and film. We patiently answered and informed that these equipment and accessories were in stock, and sent the factory inventory map.

The customer specifically asked for the inner wall of the silage special round baler machine to be made of stainless steel to prevent the wet raw materials from damaging the machine. We gladly accepted this customization requirement.

At the same time, the customer required the motor of the machine to meet the local voltage standard in Costa Rica. We customized it according to the customer’s requirements and sent the finished motor picture to the customer for confirmation. To facilitate customer operation, the PLC control screen of the machine is set with an English version interface.

Silage special round baler benefits and reasons for purchase

  • Versatility: Our silage special round baler machines are not only suitable for the processing of pineapple fibers but also the packaging and preservation of other types of feed.
  • Customized service: According to customer needs, we provide stainless steel inner wall design, customized motors, and English version PLC control screens, which greatly meet the special requirements of customers.
  • Ready stock: Our factory has sufficient inventory to meet customers’ purchasing needs in the shortest time.
  • Accessories guarantee: We provide customers with 2 years of machine accessories to ensure that customers have no worries during use.

If you want to know more about the baling and wrapping machine, please click Full-Automatic Silage Baler Machine Forage Baling Equipment.

Our factory is currently able to achieve mass production of machines and has many years of experience in the production and export of silage machinery. If you are interested, please consult at any time and visit the factory in person. We will provide a full range of services.