Full-automatic silage baling machine

Brief introduction

It is a full-automatic silage baling machine, being equipped with 6.6kw motor. 4500x1700x1500mm is its size, silage baling machine has high speed, that is, 50-70bundles/h. There are 2-4 coated layer, and bale density is 450kg/m3. It bears long storage time due to round shape with film,which can be used for feeding animals. The raw material of hay and straw baler machine can be silage,fresh or dry straws of wheat, rice, soybean, corn, etc.

Full-automatic silage baling machine working principle

1.The operator uses shovel to put the straw into inlet
2.After several minutes, the bundles will be finished under the force of ropes
3.The bundles can move forward automatically and then are baled by plastic film.

Full-automatic silage baling machine parameter

Operating speed50-70bundles/h
Bale density450kg/m3
Coated layer2-4 layer
Coated efficiency8seconds/bale for 2 layers
Baling typeRound shape with film for long time storage
Raw materialSuitable for nearly all kinds of silage, straws of wheat, rice, soybean, corn, etc fresh or dry
FeatureBaling and coating automatically
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