The round silage baler machine can bundle and coat all kinds of forage. With the characteristics of convenience, long service life, and great effectiveness, the silage baler is liked by many foreign countries. And we have exported the automatic silage baling machine to Kenya, Pakistan, South Africa, Malaysia, etc. Also, we have a long-term cooperative relationship. What’s more, we also manufacture the grass cutting machine. Because the silage baler machine can produce the best effect for the silage that is filamentous. It is better to use the grass cutter before wrapping the silage.

An overview of the hay baler machine

The silage baler machine is professional equipment that can wrap various stalks, grass, straw, etc. This machine has been proven to be mechanical equipment for the animal husbandry industry after long-term use. The straw baler machine consists of two parts: bundling and film wrapping.

The feature of the silage baler machine is that the entire process of bundling and wrapping is automated. There may be a difference at the exit port. Therefore, we have produced two different silage baler machines according to market needs, one is a fully automatic silage baler machine, and the other is a semi-automatic silage baling machine.

What is the application of the corn silage baler machine?

Silage baler machines have been widely used abroad as the main equipment for forage and straw harvesting. This silage baler machine is suitable for squeezing and bundling corn stalks, wheat straw, rice straw, pasture grass, and peanut seedlings, all kinds of silage, dry straws.

This corn silage baler machine can greatly reduce the storage area, improve transportation capacity and reduce the possibility of fire. Therefore, it is indispensable and preferred equipment for animal husbandry and papermaking.


Type one: full-automatic baler machine

It is a full-automatic silage baler machine, with a 6.6 kW motor. 4500x1700x1500 mm is its size, silage baling machine has high speed, that is, 50-70 bundles/h. There is a 2-4 coated layer, and the bale density is 450 kg/m3. And the length and diameter of the bale are 55cm and 52cm.

It bears a long storage time due to its round shape with film, which can be used for feeding animals. The raw material of hay and straw baler machine can be silage, fresh or dry straws of wheat, rice, soybean, corn, etc.

How does the full-automatic straw silage baler machine work?

Automatic silage baling machine parameter

Model TZ-55-52
Motor 5.5KW+1.1kw
Dimension 4500x1700x1500mm
Operating speed 50-70bundles/h
Bale density 450kg/m3
Coated layer 2-4 layer
Coated efficiency 8seconds/bale for 2 layers
Baling type Round shape with film for long time storage
Raw material Suitable for nearly all kinds of silage, straws of wheat, rice, soybean, corn, etc fresh or dry
Feature Baling and coating automatically

The rope and film are two important parts, and you should buy extra bags of them if ordering this baler machine. You shall cross the rope to the machine through the specific hole before the operation, which is very easy to do.

The technical parameter of rope

Model Weight Length Package Quantity
Model one 5kg 2500m 6 roll/bag 85bundles
Model two 4kg 2000m 70bundles
5kg 2500m  

The minimum order of rope is 50 bundles, and its service life is 2-3 years.

The technical parameter of the film

Model Weight Length Thickness Package The film quantity of 2-layer The film quantity of 3-layer
Model one 9.2kg 1800m 20u 1roll/box 80 bundles 55bundles
10.4kg 1800m 25u
Model two   25cm*1800m  

The minimum order of film is 50 bundles, and its service life is 2-3 years.

Type two: semi-automatic baler machine

TS-55-52 semi-automatic baling machine matches with 5.5 kW motor, and its dimension is 1600x1450x1060 mm. It is equipped with high quality, getting 30-50 bundles of grass per hour, and each bale is 30-90 kg. This baling machine has 2-4 coated layers, and the weight of the coated machine is 135 kg. There is a round baling with a film that can store for a long time.

Semi-automatic round silage baler’s parameter

This round silage baler machine is to preserve green and juicy green fodder (fresh corn straw, pasture, etc.) under anaerobic conditions (by microbial fermentation). At present, silage has been widely used in animal husbandry all over the world. It is an important machine for feeding ruminant livestock (cow, cattle, sheep, deer, horse, donkey, etc.)

Operating speed30-50bundles/h
Bale weight30-90kg
Coated layer2-4 layer
Coated efficiency12seconds/bale 2 layers……
Weight of Coated machine135kg
Baling typeRound shape with film for long time storage
Raw materialSuitable for nearly all kinds of silage, straws of wheat, rice, soybean, corn, etc fresh or dry
round silage baler’s parameter

How does the semi-automatic silage round baler work?

How to install a silage baler machine?

  • First is the installation of the silage. The red chip of the silage film is facing up and then fixed on the film conveying frame. Then you should use a fixture to adjust its angle.
  • The distance between silage films should be proper. If the distance is too wide, we should adjust the two screws under the conveyor.
  • Second, place the rope to pass through the hole in the silage baler machine.
  • Third, connect the wires. You should connect the three-phase electric wires to the inside of the control box. There are two-time adjusters including conveying rope and baling.
  • Forth, install the air pump. Connect the air pump motor to the power supply, connect the air pipe to the machine, and open the vent switch. The air pressure during the operation should maintain between 0.6 and 0.8 Pa.
  • Check all parts of the machine carefully before use and confirm that the machine is running in the right direction.

Working principle of forage baler machine

  1. The operator uses the shovel to put the straw into the inlet.
  2. After several minutes, the machine will finish the bundle with the force of ropes.
  3. The user pushes the bundles forward and then presses the button and the bale will cut the bundles automatically.

Main structure of the round silage packing machine

Baling part

The forage is fed into the working chamber of the baler quickly, uniformly, and evenly for compression. When the weight of each bundle reaches about 80 kg and the signal wheel rotates at a constant speed, the winding clutch handle is pulled and the rope can be used for baling.

After baling, the rope is cut, and the user starts up the opening handle to make the bundles come out. In this way, the bundling process is completed.

Wrapping part

The bales of the baling machine are placed on the two parallel belts of the wrapping machine, and the wrapping switch drives the bales by rotating the frame to rotate. The bales stretch the plastic film to wrap automatically. Then, users can set the number of coating layers(2 to 4 layers).

Structure Of Silage Baler
Structure Of Silage Baler

Differences between the two types of silage machine

The biggest difference between a full-automatic silage baler machine and a semi-automatic baler machine is that whether it is equipped with an air compressor that controls the opening of the discharging door. As for semi-automatic silage baler, people open the discharging door manually, and there is a handle next to the outlet.

But for the full-automatic machine, the force of the air compressor can open the outlet automatically, saving time and energy.

The silage bundles processed by both silage baler machines have high quality and can be stored for a long time.

A successful case of straw baler wrapping machine

We delivered 2 sets of silage baler machines to Guatemala this week, this customer wanted to bale corn straw, so he also bought one straw cutter machine from us that can crush corn straw into small pieces, for baler machine only can bale crushed straw.

Silage Baling Machine
Silage Baling Machine

What is the best partner for a stalk baler machine?

Please check the working video. Before baling the silage, we can process the stalk by using the chaff cutter machine. And the processed stalk can enter the baler’s conveyer directly. It is good for save the stalk’s nutrition. So, the chaff cutter is the best partner for a round silage baler. Customer can choose according to their needs.

FAQ of silage baler and wrapper machine

1. What is the raw material?

The raw material is nearly all kinds of silage, fresh or dry straws of wheat, rice, soybean, corn, etc.

2. What is the difference between the two silage baler machines?

The difference between them lies in whether the bundles can move to be baled with film automatically. As for the semi-automatic baler machine, people need to push the bundles to the baling part.

3. Can I adjust the size of the bundles?

No, it can not be adjusted.

4. How many layers are around the bundle?

2-4 layers. You can adjust according to your needs.

Stalk Baler Machine
Stalk Baler Machine

Use and maintenance of the baling machine

Use of the baler machine

Regular maintenance of the baling machine is very important to ensure the safety of the operator. For example, lack of maintenance (excessive wear, excessive accumulation of grass, lack of lubrication, etc.) will cause the bale phase to overheat and cause a fire.
1. Before starting up, check whether all parts are firm and reliable, and add enough lubricating oil before starting up.
2. Before starting the machine, the machine should be rotated manually for 3~5 weeks to confirm that there is no abnormality before starting the machine.
3. Before starting the machine, pull the clutch handle to check the direction of rotation and whether it meets the requirements. It is strictly prohibited to turn on the machine in reverse.
4. Before each work, run the machine empty for 2~3 minutes to confirm that the machine rotates smoothly and there is no other abnormality.
Load test machine.

Maintenance of the silage baler machine

1. After the load test machine is 3~5 bundles, the machine should be shut down to check whether there are other abnormalities in the rotating parts and fixed parts: if there is no abnormal phenomenon, it can be put into production.
2. Every half an hour of work, the small silt under the feeding roller of the machine should be removed to reduce the resistance caused by this: it also reduces the wear of the lower aluminum roller.
Note: Cut off the power source before manually clearing any blockage.
3. The machine should be maintained after the normal production of 2000 bundles. Turn it on again and still use it according to the previous 6 regulations. Maintenance and inspection of content.
(1) Check the meshing condition of the chain and sprocket, and replace the severely worn ones.
(2) Check the axial and radial clearance of each shaft, and adjust or replace it.
(3) Whether each gas path is unblocked.
(4) Remove all protective covers and remove obstructions.
(5) Add lubricating oil to each rotating part, and apply oil to the rest to prevent rust.

Advantages of round bale wrappers

Round bale wrappers are agricultural machines that use plastic film to bale hay, straw, or other pasture material into rounds. The following are the advantages of using a silage packing machine:

  1. Improved storage: Wrapping with plastic film can help protect forage from moisture, air, and other environmental factors. This reduces spoilage and maintains the quality of the forage over a longer period of time.
  2. Reduced labor costs: Silage baler machines can get the job done quickly. This can reduce the need for labor, saving time and money.
  3. More convenient: Wrapped bales are easier to handle and transport than loose forage.
  4. Improves feed quality: Wrapping feed in plastics helps to maintain the nutritional value of the forage. This is because it prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, molds, and other microorganisms that can reduce the quality of feed.
  5. Reduce waste: Wrapping with plastic wrap can reduce the amount of forage lost or spoiled during storage and transport.
Round Bale Wrappers
Round Bale Wrappers

Best silage baler and wrapper machine from Taizy Machinery!

Taizy produces three different models of silage baler for sale.

There are two types of silage baler machines produced by Taizy. One is fully automatic and the other is semi-automatic. The semi-automatic version requires more labor and is cheaper. We will recommend the right type of machine according to the customer’s specific needs.

So far we have exported baling and wrapping machines to Kenya, Nigeria, the Philippines, Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, Guatemala, etc.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us anywhere!

Silage Baler And Wrapper Machine
Silage Baler And Wrapper Machine