A horizontal feed mixer is a kind of feed processing equipment that integrates crushing, stirring, and mixing. It is mostly used in animal breeding farms, such as cattle farms and sheep farms. Thus this machine can fully mix coarse materials, concentrated materials, minerals, vitamins, other additives, etc.

working video of silage feed mixing machine

Structure of TMR feed mixer

The feed mixer contains several parts. You can get more information from the below picture.

1. Internal system

The internal system of the horizontal feed mixer is mainly composed of three augers, one is the main auger, and the other upper two are auxiliary augers.

After you cut the corn stalk by using a corn stalk reaping machine, you can put the corn stalk into the horizontal feed mixer. During the mixing and cutting, the materials are simultaneously rotated and stirred from each position at both ends of the box to the middle of the mixer. Then the blade cuts and stirs the various fibrous forages and straws that pass through. To achieve the effect of pulverizing and mixing the total mixed ration feeding.

2. Discharge system

Discharge gate control consists of a hydraulic cylinder, fixed support, linkage support, and a sliding discharge baffle. The discharging sliding baffle is installed on the reciprocating shaft of the hydraulic oil cylinder. Which can open the discharging or close the stopper. The outlet can be located on the left or right according to the user’s requirements.

3. Feed Adding System

The machine adopts an advanced grass-feeding mechanism and a unique grass-feeding roller device. It owns automatic feeding, smooth grass-feeding, and high production efficiency.

4. Weighing and measuring system

It is composed of four bridge-type load-bearing sensors and a load-bearing display controller. All system uses a 220V power source to send signals to the weighing display through a four-directional bridge weighing sensor. It aims to display gross weight, net weight, peak value, and net weight. The weighing and measuring system also has an overload alarm function.

Working video

working video of the silage feed mixing machine

Parameter of feed mixer

We have three types of feed mixers, you can get the detailed information from the below sheet.

Rotating speed of the augerR/min23.523.523.5
The volume of the mixing chambercubic meter5912
Structure type/fixedfixedmobile
Supporting power rangekw11—1522—3050-75
Supporting power form/Electric motorElectric motorElectric motor
silage feed mixer technical data

Characteristics of forage mixer:

1. The cutting blade of this product is made of high-quality high-alloy steel. And the product design is reasonable.

2. This product has a simple structure, so it is easy to operate.

3. The efficiency of the product is extremely high, the cutting speed and stirring speed are fast enough. Thus the machine can reduce the workload of people and reduce the investment of manpower and financial resources.

4. Besides, a forage mixer is equipped with an automatic feeding port, so the amount of feeding is even. So the production efficiency is extremely high.

5. In addition, our feed mixer can be customized according to customer needs.

Advantages of horizontal feed mixer:

1. We can design a unique outlet according to the feed’s trajectory, it aims to achieve fast and uniform feeding efficiency.

2. The feed is mixed with high uniformity and balanced energy intake. So it is conducive to the growth of animals.

3. It has a simple structure, few wearing parts, and low maintenance cost.

4. Because the hydraulic transmission and mechanical transmission are of high reliability, they need short maintenance time.

5. The mixing chamber has less abrasion with a long service life.

6. Grass is cut when processing the feed, which will not damage the coarse fiber.

7. This machine can process all kinds of roughages, and then directly add dozens of forages.