Disk-type grass cutting machine is used to cut dry or wet grass, crop straw, stalk, etc., and it has three models, that is, 9Z-1.2, 9Z-1.5, and 9Z-1.8. Different models grass grass cutter animals have different capacities. It can match with a 2.2-3kw motor, gasoline engine, and diesel engine, and the chopping size can be 5mm,11mm, or 15mm. The crushed grass can feed different animals such as cows, sheep, geese, chickens, etc.

Grass Cutting Machine
Grass Cutting Machine
Grass Cutter Structure
Grass Cutter Structure

Technical parameters of grass cutting

Structure TypeDisk TypeDisk TypeDisk Type
Speed of Main Shaft950r/min950r/min950r/min
Rotor Diameter470mm510mm560mm
Blades Quantity6pcs6pcs6pcs
Blade ShapeRectangleRectangleRectangle
Speed of feeding roller360r/min360r/min360r/min
Feeding ModeManualManualManual
Chopping size5mm,11mm,15mm5mm,11mm,15mm5mm,11mm,15mm
Feeding inlet Width170mm180mm220mm
grass cutting machine technical data

The advantage of grass cutting machine

  1. Reasonable structure. The long outlet makes it convenient to discharge grass and three gears can control the length of the grass. In addition, the shelf below the inlet can bear the weight of a gasoline engine.
  2. Four wheels make it easy to move.
  3. Great working performance and is lightweight. The weight of the machine is just about 90kg, but its capacity is 1.5t/h.
  4. Chopping size can be adjusted by your need, that is, 5mm,11mm,15mm.
  5. The crushing effect of grass cutter animals is very good, and the final output can be used to feed animals.
  6. You can different models according to your needs.
  7. The blade inside the machine is very sharp with a long service life, and can fully cut grass.
  8. The grass cutting machine is easy to operate and only one person can finish the process.
Corn Stalk Of Cutter Machine Testing Site
Corn Stalk Of Cutter Machine Testing Site
Chaff Cutting Machine
Chaff Cutting Machine

Working principle of grass cutting machine

  1. Firstly, place grass into the feeding hopper.
  2. There are three gears including long gear, medium gear, and short gear, which can control the length of the grass. 6 blades and the hammers completely cut and smash the grass at this time.
  3. After several seconds, grasses will be discharged from the outlet.
Cutting Effect Of Chaff Cutter
Cutting Effect Of Chaff Cutter

The preoccupation of grass cutting

  1. Remove hard objects such as wooden sticks, irons, stones, etc. In the grass cutter animal.
  2. Install the speed control gear according to the length of the grass you need.
  3. Turn on the power source, and make the machine idle for a few minutes. Then take the appropriate amount of grass into the feeding port evenly so there is no abnormal situation. Too much grass will cause an overload stop, otherwise, it will affect the cutting efficiency.
  4. When stopping, let the machine idle for two minutes. Blow the dust and weeds inside the grass cutter animal, then turn off the machine, and adjust the handle to the “stop” position.
  5. When using a diesel engine or tractor power, the diesel engine throttle should be properly controlled (usually use the middle throttle). If it is too large, it will cause the machine to overspend. Otherwise, it affects the working efficiency.
  6. The gearbox handle of this machine has 3 gear positions, push the handle to the (in) position during normal use. When the feeding is too blocked, push the handle to the “stop” position, wait for a moment, and then push To the “return” position. You shall reduce the feeding amount and re-work. When the operation stops, the handle is adjusted to the “stop” position; when the handle is pushed, the pushing force should be appropriate.

FAQ of grass cutting machine

How many blades are inside the machine? and the shape of the blade?

There are 6 pieces of blades.

What’s the shape of the blades?

They look like rectangles.

What is the chopping size of the final grass?

5mm,11mm, and 15mm.

Do you have any other machines with different capacities?

Yes, we have. The capacity of this chaff cutter machine is 1.5t/h. we also have 2t/h-10t/h machines.

What the crushed grass can be used for?

Crushed grass can be used to feed animals.