Brief introduction of harvesting rice machine

How to harvest rice? In the past time, most people harvest rice by hand, which wastes time and energy. Now because of the high yeild of the crops, many people use the big harvester to reap various crops, such as corn harvester.  Now, our new design rice harvesting machine, with excellent capacity, is popular among farmers. When working, it only needs one person to operate machine to move forward and machine cut rice with high speed.  At present, we have designed two types of rice harvesting machine, and both are equipped with high working efficiency. And if you want to process the corn. You can use our corn, wheat thresher machine that is more convenient for farmers to get wheat kernels and corn kernels.

Type one

This harvesting rice machine is favored by most of our customers, and its capacity is 1300-2000 m2/h, matching with 8hp water cooling diesel engine. Cutting width is 900mm, and the cutting height is adjustable, but the mini cutting height is 50mm.

Technical parameter of harvesting rice machine

Model4GK90  Reaper binder
Cutting Width(mm)900
Mini Cutting Height(mm)≥50
Placing TypeSide direction & banded placed
Matched Power8hp water cooling diesel engine
Net Weight(kg)262
Gross Weight(kg)302
Packing Size(L*W*H)1.4*1.4*0.8m
20 GP16 sets
40GP34 sets

The structure of harvesting rice machine

Wheat harvesting machine mainly consists of engine, stalks conveying device, power transmission system, walking device, cutting unit and binding unit.

Working principle of harvesting rice machine

When wheat reaper works, first the stalks are separated by divider and cut off by cutter. Then under the help of conveying chain and spring guide, the cut stalks are transported to the binding device. After binding into bundles, the bundles will be released and thrown on the right of moving direction, thus the machine finishes the reaping and binding process.


Advantages of harvesting rice machine

  1. Cutting and binding are completed at the same time, reducing heavy manual work and working time.
  2. Adjustable handle: Up and down 90°, around 360°. More flexible adapt to different environment.
  3. Height of stubble and bundling size can be adjusted.
  4. Wheat reaper binder Pakistan is equipped with differential turning system, flexible to operate.
  5. Low stubble height is convenient for the future management of fields.
  6. Compact structure, light weight and reliable performance makewheat harvestereasy to control.
  7. Thiswheat and rice reaperis hand-held and self-propelled machine and it is convenient to move. Most important, the rice reaper has stable performance and strong applicability.
  8. Shaft drive system guarantees stable and safe work.

Maintenance of harvesting rice machine

  1. The user should clean the residual weeds.
  2. Check if the fastening piece and connecting piece loosen.
  3. Add lube timely in the engineand bundling device.
  4. Check if the control parts are flexible and reliable.

Successful case of harvesting rice machine

We sold 100 sets rice harvesting machines to Pakistan in 2018, and it is just the first cooperation between our customer and us. Why does he trust us? I believe, professional skills toward products, sincere attitude and perfect after-sale service all are important factors.

Type two

Img 20190314 164752

This wheat harvesting machine is composed of accelerator, wheels, conveyor belt, blades, engine power, belt and wheat holder, and matches with gasoline engine. its capacity is 0.32-0.41 acre/H, boasting the same functions as the first type, but it is lighter than the first one.

Importantly, the grain lifter supports the crops, which enables the harvested crops neatly. The conveyor belt and star wheels conveys the crops to one side after cutting. When the machine is running, firstly you should open the damper, then opens the starting valve.

Img 20190314 165837

Technical parameter of wheat harvesting machine

Capacity0.32-0.41 acre/H
PowerGasoline engine
Cutting Height50-100mm
Cutting Width900mm
Size(L*W*H)1 800* 1000*1100mm
20GP55 sets

Advantage of rice harvesting binding and drying machine

  1. High adaptability. Rice harvesting machine is applied to different fields such as hill, plain.
  2. Three gears make it easy to control machine during operation.
  3. One person is able to finish all the processes.
  4. The big wheel enables it to walk even in the muddy field.
  5. Yellow rice holder that looks like a star can place wheat to the side of  rice reaper.

6. The rice and wheat reaping machine can be used in rice, millet, wheat, soybean, straw and so on, with various functions. The rice and wheat reaping machine has forward, backward and stop three working gears, and easy to operate.
7.The rice and wheat reaping machine three working gears, that is, forward, backward and stop .
8. The left-hand handle has a speed-control switch that can adjust the working speed of machine.
9. It can be widely applied to large, medium and small fields, especially for the muddy land.02   Cmrzi60Kobgconeig9W

Successful case of rice harvesting machine

The customer from Saudi Arabia visited our factory under the guidance of our manager. After trying the machines and discussing with the technicians, he finally decided to buy 16 sets. Below is the photo of the salesman in the office, we spared no effort to provide him with the best service.

Img 20190314 170210
Img 20190314 184617

FAQ of harvesting rice machine


  1. Which country have you exported before?

India,Philippines,Australia,United Kingdom,Pakistan,Canada, United States.

  1. How many setsreaper agriculture can be loaded in 20 GP and 40GP?

16sets and 34sets respectively.

  1. Which crop can be harvested?

Rice, wheat and rapeseed.

  1. Can farmer adjust the diameter of rice orreaper binder?

No,the diameter of binder is fixed.

  1. Why is machine able to bundle the rice and wheat during operation?

There is a rope in the side of machine that will bundle the harvested rice into binder as follow

  1. Cutting height and cutting width are adjustable?

The cutting height is adjustable and can not less than 50mm, but cutting width should be 900mm.


  1. Arethe cutting height and cutting width adjustable?

No , neither of them are adjusted. However, due to the different fields with different height, the cutting height is 50-100mm.

  1. Can machine cut the rice or wheat that has fallen down the ground?

Yes, this reaper machine can effectively harvest them.

  1. How many gears machine has?

It has 3 gears: switch, working gear, neutral gear.

  1. Is stubble height adjustable?

No, it can not be adjusted.

  1. Both machines are totally same?

Regarding to function, they are same ( cutting wheat and bundle them), but their structure is a little bit different.