What crops do the 5TD-125 thresher machine can process?

This model thresher machine is mainly used for the threshing of wheat, corn, soybeans, barley, rice, sorghum, millet, pearl millet and other crops. It is simple in structure, and it is convenient to operate. It has high efficiency.

5Td-125 Thresher Machine For Wheat Rice Sorghum Bean Millet
5Td-125 Thresher Machine For Wheat Rice Sorghum Bean Millet

What are the requirements for crops when threshing?

As mentioned above, this thresher machine can be separated from many crops. Here we take rice, wheat, and sorghum as examples to illustrate the demand for crops when using the machine.
The wheat moisture content is 15-20%.
Stem moisture content: 10-25%.
Grass-to-grain ratio: 0.8-1.2
The rice moisture content of the grain is 15-28%.
Grass-to-grain ratio is 1.0-2.4

What is the working principle of the thresher machine

The crops are fed continuously and evenly while working. The crops have friction, squeezing, collision, and shaking between the rack on the drum and the screen assembly, so that the grains are separated from the stems, and then flow out from screens. The stem throw away under centrifugal action to complete the whole threshing.

Machine structure details of thresher machine 5TD-125

This types thresher machine mainly has feed inlet, threshing part, fans, screen, discharge outlet, impurity outlet, pto, bracket, tire, etc.

Customer feedback on thresher machine

From the picture, we can see that the machine is very efficient and people don’t have to work so hard. Normally one or two people can complete threshing.
One of the usage scenarios is a Nigerian customer threshing rice, and the other is a Canadian customer threshing wheat. We can see that the whole threshing effect is very good, and the work efficiency is also very high.

Packing and shipping

This is the scene where Nigerian and Canadian customers ordered our machines, and we packaged and shipped them. Customers who order machines from us, please rest assured, we will carefully pack each machine so that you receive a complete machine. You can contact us if you need any agricultural machinery.

Technical Parameters

Model 5TD-125
Productivity 1000-1500kg/h(wheat and rice),600–800kg/h(beans)
Matched power 22 horsepower diesel engine or 11-13kw motor
Machine weight 420kg
Spindle speed 1050 r/min, 550 r/min (threshing beans)
Double fan speed 2500 r/min
Machine size 2500*1770*1550mm
Packing size 1600*1200*1500mm