The grain dryer refers to a hot-air drying box with a rotary heating device, which can generate a large amount of hot air in a short time. It can kill insects through high-temperature treatment, and uniformly dry all kinds of grain such as corn, wheat, millet sorghum, etc.

how the grain dryer works

Nowadays, the yield of the grains is high. So people need to process the grain by using all kinds of machines. Such as the corn, people can use the corn harvester to reap the corn effectively. And then, they can also use the corn thresher to get corn kernels. Also, to avoid the mildew of grain, a grain dryer is needed. 

Rapeseed Dryer
Rapeseed Dryer

Grain dryer’s main application

Grain dryers are widely used in the agricultural field for a variety of crops, such as sorghum, rice, wheat, corn, and so on.

Grain Drying Machine Applications
Grain Drying Machine Applications

Mobile-type grain dryer

We also have mobile dryers available, which are portable units that can be moved around from site to site for ease of use in agricultural production.

Portable Mobile Dryer Machine
Portable Mobile Dryer Machine

Grain drying machine technical parameter

CapacityRapeseedThe minimum-the maximum(kg)7500~103007500~134507500~1485012000~31800
The minimum-the maximum(kg/h)473~1135607~1456675~16201000~3500
CornThe minimum-the maximum(kg)7500~104507500~134007500~1630012000~32000
The minimum-the maximum(kg/h)756~1261971~16181080~18001000~3400
WheatThe minimum-the maximum(kg)7500~104507500~133507500~1630012000~32000
The minimum-the maximum(kg/h)315~756405~971450~10801000~3250
RiceThe minimum-the maximum(kg)6500~84006500~108506500~155009000~30800
The minimum-the maximum(kg/h)382~916493~1184548~13152600
FuelBiomass (branch, rice bran, straw, etc.), anthracite, oil, gas, hot gas
PowerConveying motor (kW)2.25kW(3HP)4.4kW
Exhaust motor (kW)4.00kW(5HP)8kW
Dust extraction motor (kW)0.25kW(1/3HP)0.25kW
Total power6.5kW(82/3HP)12.65kW
PropertyDrying time/minutes47576369
The time of discharging/minutes43535864
Drying capacity(t·%/h)10-151315-2025-35
Grain reducing rate(%/h)Rice/wheat0.5—1.5or more
Corn1.0—2.0or more
Grain reducing rate(%/h)rapeseed0.2—0.7or more
grain drying system detailed parameter information

Advantages of grain dryer

  • Wide adaptation. The grain dryer for sale is suitable for drying rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, soybeans, flower seeds, millet, rapeseed, and other seeds.
  • Fast precipitation and low crushing rate. The unique design of the drying layer can change the running direction of the grain and make the grain fall in an S shape in the 2.7-meter-high drying layer. Taizy corn dryer can allow the grain to be heated uniformly, and the grain will be heated at a low temperature in the drying layer for a long time. The moisture can be dried quickly to reduce the crushing rate.
  • Low heat consumption. The machine adopts low temperature and constant temperature without secondary pollution.
  • Stable performance. The moisture content in the oven is consistent, and the grain will not be mildewed to be stored for a long time.
  • Long service life. The main parts of the rice dryer are thickened plates made of stainless steel that are wear-resistant and smooth, which enables the grain to flow smoothly.
  • The electrostatic painting process makes the machine not easy to rust and prolongs the service life.
  • Low drying cost. The mixed-flow dryer adopts angled air intake, which has smooth ventilation, and uniform drying. What’s more, it does not need to be cleaned all year round.
  • Higher drying effect and low drying cost.
Millet Dryer
Millet Dryer

Proficient features of Taizy grain dryer

Different from traditional grain drying equipment, this dryer of ours has the following unique advantages:

  • Our corn dryer integrates low-flow, mixed-flow, frequency conversion technology as a whole with wide application, while the screen plate cross-flow dryer has a smaller drying range, and can not dry small particles such as rapeseed and millet. The high-temperature dryer can only dry corn. The total power of our low-temperature rice dryer is 7.6KW without an additional transformer, which is convenient to install.
  • The screen cross-flow drying layer is only 0.9-1.4 meters. The grain is heated for a short time, which is not conducive to the evaporation of water. In addition, its mesh is easy to block. This results in uneven heating of the grain, slow precipitation, and increases the crushing rate.
  • The screens of third-generation cross-flow dryers are often blocked by grain bran, which causes bad ventilation, uneven drying, high drying costs, and poor grain quality.
Millet Dryer
Millet Dryer

Main features of the fuel part

  • Simple structure, durable, lightweight, easy installation.
  • The burner is equipped with double nozzles with good atomization performance.
  • Fast heating, stable hot air temperature, and precise temperature control.
  • The combustion chamber is designed as a double-layer, adopting 310S high-temperature resistant stainless steel as the inner liner. Such a design can make it fully combust, saving energy and protecting the environment. In addition, there is no fume pollution to the grain.
  • High degree of intelligence, simple operation, easy to use.
  • Environmental protection and energy-saving hot air stove that can be biomass is an ideal heating source, and the temperature can be set arbitrarily with 85% thermal efficiency.
  • The automatic constant temperature ventilation device can instantly reduce the temperature of the drying layer to ensure the quality of the grain and reduce the drying cost.
Corn Dryer
Corn Dryer

How to avoid the corn being broken during operation

The surface of the corn kernels has been damaged after threshing. Due to the specific gravity of corn, if corns are hit again, they will be more easily broken.

Traditionally, the grain dryer has a screw conveyor as a transmission, which drives the corn to form a circular drying cycle. When falling, the corn kernels collide with the screw conveyor at high speed, which triggers the surface of dried corn to have a layer of flour, seriously affecting the quality of corn.

Our corn dryer removes the screw conveyor and improves the overall height of the dryer to make sure that the corn can drop with a self-flowing type. There is no crushing and collision, so it does not hurt any corn kernels when drying.

Corn Dryer
Grain Dryer Factory
Grain Dryer Factory

Successful cases of grain drying equipment

We have delivered this corn dryer to many countries as follows.

Grain Dryer
Grain Dryer

Structure of wheat dryer

We are ready to provide you with detailed product information and professional consulting services as you consider your choice of grain dryer. Feel free to contact us at any time, we look forward to answering your questions and ensuring that you select the best drying solution for your needs.