A corn kernel peeling machine can peel off the husk of corn. Now there are all kinds of corn-processed products on the market, for example, corn kernels, cornflour, various snacks so on. In addition to this, the huskless corn produced by this machine can also be used to process feed. Higher quality feed by dehulling.

corn kernel peeling machine working video

Usually, corn needs to be peeled before further processing, and the corn after peeling has a good taste and is easy to process. We are agricultural machinery manufacturers, and in addition to this machine, we also have corn grits making machine, which peels the corn and grinds it into corn grits and cornmeal. And before using the corn peeling or grits making machine, you can also use the corn thresher machine to save time and energy.

Brief Introduction To Corn Kernel Peeling Machine

The corn kernel peeling machine is used to remove the outer skin of corn, and germ, and break the corn into small size corn kernels. This maize skin peeling machine adopts an emery roller and sieves of special materials. The corn is lightly crushed by adjusting the gap and the pressure. The processed finished product has a uniform, smooth, no black germ, no bran. It is golden-yellow.

Structure Of Maize Skin Peeling Machine

This corn skin peeler machine is relatively small and easy to operate. The corn removal white skin machine can be equipped with two different power modes, a diesel engine, and an electric motor. So, the power can meet many customers’ needs. The corn dehuller machine has high output and high efficiency, which can help you to a large extent in agriculture. So farmers can save much time and energy.

As the picture below shows, the corn kernel peeling machine mainly includes a feeder, control feed speed screw, small grain outlet, peel blade, skin peel outlet, finished product outlet, etc.

Corn Skin Remover's Structure
Corn Skin Remover’S Structure

Applications Of Maize Peeling Machine

It is suitable for peeling corn in small grain processing plants (mills)

Peeled corn is easier to make corn grits and corn flour, and the quality of the corn grits and corn flour is better. It is also a household-type corn peeler.

Corn Grits And Cornflour
Corn Grits And Cornflour

Maize peeling machine used in chicken feed processing industry

In the traditional corn chicken feed and poultry feed processing process, most of the corn pellets are mainly used. The traditional pelletizer determines the size of the material particles by adjusting the gears.

However, the traditional pelletizer can no longer meet the needs of the chicken feed processing industry. Because the finished feed products processed by the pelletizer often have too much skin powder and black germ, and the particles are not smooth, the chicken feed market is often unable to open up the market due to these drawbacks. So more and more chicken feed and poultry use the corn kernel peeling machine.

Peel Corn White Skin
Peel Corn White Skin

Technical Parameter Of Corn Skin Peeler

NameCorn Peeler Machine
Power5.5kw electric motor or 12hp diesel engine
corn skin peeler’s parameter

What Is The Corn Peeling Machine Price?

First of all, you have to make it clear what kind of corn skin peeling machine you want, because we have this small corn peeling machine, as well as a special corn grit making machine, this machine can also peel off the white skin of corn. But the prices of these two machines are very different.

Also, In addition, our corn kernel peeling machines can be equipped with electric motors and diesel engines, so the price is not fixed. So if you want to know the price of the corn peeling machine, please tell us the effect you want to process the corn.

Why Do We Need To Peel Corn?

Corn husks, a by-product of corn processing, are primarily composed of fiber, starch, and protein, and are not as nutritious as the rest. Moreover, the taste of corn husk is very poor. When processing corn flour, corn grits, and maize food, the manufacturer will peel off the corn skin before further processing.

Benefits Of Peeling Corn Skin

(1) By peeling the corn, the corn husk produced by the corn processing equipment is less, which can improve the quality of the product.

(2) The embryo and endosperm of corn are wrapped by the skin. After peeling, it is easy to separate, which can improve the efficiency of determination.

(3) After peeling, it can improve the edible quality of various foods produced by corn.

(4) The outer coat of corn is likely to contain harmful substances, which can be removed by dehulling, improving the purity of the product.

Which Countries Have We Exported?

We carefully pack the exported corn kernel peeling machines to avoid collisions during transportation. Currently, we export to Ukraine, Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, Bangladesh, Philippines, Malaysia, etc. Below are the pictures of packing and shipping our mini corn peelers to our customers from Morocco.

The client has a shop that sells a variety of small agricultural machinery. By learning about it, he found that there was a local demand for corn peeling. So I want to buy several corn peeling machines. And finally, he placed an order for 20 sets of corn skin dehuller.

Client Feedback On Maize Skin Peeler

Our customers are full of praise for the exported machines. Because we will pack the machine safely before export to avoid collision during transportation. After the customer receives the corn kernel peeling machine, we will carefully guide them on how to install and use the machine. Therefore, the feedback from our customers is very good.