Nowadays, corn planter is widely used by many farmers. Because of the plains, farmers need to plant large areas of corn. Farmers need to spend a lot of manpower to sow and fertilize manually.

Corn is one of the most widely planted crops in the world, and it is also the world’s most productive food crop. Therefore, the corn planter is a machine that can realize the mechanized planting of corn. It can complete the processes of digging, spotting, and fertilizing all at once.

Corn Planter For Sale
Corn Planter For Sale

The machine has the excellent characteristics of high efficiency, time-saving, labor-saving, precise seeding, high seedling emergence rate, and uniform plant spacing. Also, the corn thresher can help realize the mechanization of Agriculture.

Introduction of the corn planter

The corn planter refers to a planting machine that takes crop corn seeds as the sowing object. And the corn planter can efficiently complete the ditching and planting requirements of corn. This machine can realize high-quality corn planting operations.

High-quality mechanized planting operations are not only good for the germination and growth of seeds. It is also more beneficial to the implementation of follow-up mechanized plant protection, top dressing, harvesting, and other operations.

Corn Planter Refers To A Planting Machine That Takes Crop Corn Seeds As The Sowing Object. And The Corn Planter Can Efficiently Complete The Ditching And Planting Requirements Of Corn.this Machine Can Realize High-Quality Corn Planting Operations.
Corn Planter

Structure of the 4-row corn planter

The main structure of the corn planter includes a seedbox, a ditch opener, a seed meter, a fertilizer box, a fertilizer drain, and a soil covering and suppression device.

Working principle of corn planter tractor supply

In the process of planting operations, the main power of the planter comes from the rear power output shaft of the tractor.

Under the traction of the tractor, the opener opens a trench for sowing and fertilizing within a preset depth.

Due to the frictional force, the ground wheel continuously rolls and drives the seed-discharging device to work during the forwarding process. Then drain the seeds and fertilizers into the ditch through different pipelines. Finally, use the soil covering device and the suppression device to achieve soil covering and compaction.

Working video of the sweet corn planter

working video of corn planter

Parameter of the corn planting equipment

ModelOverall dimension(mm)RowsRow spacing(mm)Ditching depth(mm)Fertilization
Sowing depth(mm)Weight(kg)Matched Power(HP)
maize planter machine technical data

Advantages of the corn planting machine

1. Save time and effort. The corn planter can complete the processes of digging, spotting, and fertilizing all at once.

2. In addition to maize planting, it can also be used for beans, sorghum, and other crops that need to be planted.

3. The machine is flexible and saves diesel oil. The compact structure makes it more flexible when turning. At the same time, the supporting power is also reduced during the design, which can reduce the amount of diesel used. Also, it does not require a lot of power to be able to tow the machine.

4. The row spacing and plant spacing of the machine are adjustable. And the depth of the sowing can also be adjusted. It can meet the sowing requirements of different lands.

5. The seeds are sown evenly. It can ensure that the seeding depth is consistent, and there will be no one deep and one shallow situation.

6. The emergence rate is high. Using a planter to plant corn can make the corn seeds in relatively soft soil so that the seedling rate has a certain guarantee.

Maize Planting Machine
Maize Planting Machine

Pay attention to the following points when using the planter correctly

Before planting

  • Maintenance before entering the field. Clean up the debris in the seeding box and the entangled grass and soil on the opener. And add lubricating oil to the transmission and rotating parts of the tractor and planter according to the requirements of the manual. Especially pay attention to the lubrication and tension of the transmission chain. And also the tightening of the bolts on the planter before each operation.
  • The frame cannot be tilted. After the planter is coupled to the tractor, it must not be tilted. When working, the front and back of the rack should be level.
  • Make various adjustments. Adjust the seeding amount and the row spacing of the opener as required by the instruction manual.
  • Pay attention to adding seeds. The seeds added to the seed box are free of impurities and bad seeds. To ensure the effectiveness of the seeds. Secondly, the amount of seeding added to the seed box should be at least enough to cover the entrance of the seeding box to ensure smooth seeding.
  • Trial broadcast. To ensure the quality of sowing. Before planting a large area, we must insist on trial planting 20 meters. Then observe the working condition of the planter. After confirming that it meets the local agronomic requirements, large-scale planting is carried out.

During planting

  • Pay attention to driving in a straight line at a constant speed. When sowing seeds, the farmer should pay attention to straightforwardness at a uniform speed. Don’t go fast or slow or stop midway to avoid replays of missed broadcasts. To prevent the opener from clogging, the raising and lowering of the planter should be operated while moving. So lift the planter when going backward or turning.
  • Sow the ground first. Sown the ground horizontally first, so as not to harden the ground and cause the seeding to be too shallow.
  • Observe frequently. When sowing seeds, always observe the working conditions of the metering device, opener, cover, and transmission mechanism. If clay, entangled grass, or seed cover is not tight, remove it in time. Adjustments, repairs, lubrication, or cleaning of tangled grass must be carried out after parking.
  • Protect the machine parts. When the planter is working, it is strictly forbidden to go backward or make sharp turns. The raising or lowering of the planter should be carried out slowly to avoid damage to the parts.
  • Pay attention to the seedbox. During operation, the seeds in the seedbox shall not be less than 1/5 of the volume of the seedbox. When transporting or transferring plots, the seed box must not contain seeds and other heavy objects.

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