Nowadays, more and more farmers use peanut planters, because peanuts have a high yield and a wide range of eating. They are nuts that people often eat in daily life. Also, we can squeeze the peanut into oil and make it into condiments with high nutritional value.

Fast and precise planting techniques for groundnut planters.

And we have screw oil press machines, which can process various materials including peanuts. Besides, we also have peanut pickers and peanut harvesters. It is more convenient for you to use these machines together.

We can cultivate peanuts on ridges, film covering, and flat land. Using a peanut planter can improve work efficiency, shorten labor time, and reduce the workload of farmers.

What is peanut planter?

A peanut planter is a professional machine that works especially for planting peanuts. At present, our peanut planter models are complete. In addition to the basic functions of fertilization, seeding, and soil covering.

Also, our machine can have additional functions such as spraying, covering, and soil pressing. What’s more, we can also add rotary tillage to meet the different planting needs of customers.

The peanut planter is a three-point suspension-type peanut planting comprehensive operation machine. And this machine must work with a tractor. This peanut planting machine can complete operations such as ditching, ridging, seeding, fertilization, spraying, buried drip irrigation pipe, film mulching, and soil covering at one time.

Also, his peanut planter’s ridge width, ridge height, seeding depth, seed number, row spacing, ridge distance, film width, and hanging position are all adjustable. Compared with manual operation, it can improve work efficiency by more than 20 times and can ensure consistent seeding row spacing, plant spacing, and depth.

Structure of the groundnut planting machine

The structure of the peanut planter includes ditching, fertilizing, sowing, spraying, covering with film, and covering with soil. The peanut planter has high working efficiency, powerful functions, and simple operation.

Twin row peanut planter’s working process

First, the fertilizer in the fertilizer box enters the fertilizing shovel through the outer wheel groove fertilizer applicator. The shovel digs the soil layer while applying the fertilizer to the soil.

When the planter completes the fertilization process, the seeds in the seed metering device enter the ditch under the drive of the gear. So the seeds in the sowing box enter the planter, and the ditch discharging device sows the peanut seeds evenly in the two ditches while discharging the soil and ditching to complete the sowing process.

The herbicide barrel is installed on the front end of the tractor, and the air inlet end is installed on the air outlet of the air storage barrel of the tractor air compressor. The tractor can give it a certain air pressure to achieve the purpose of spraying, thereby completing ridging at one time.

Multi-functional peanut planter’s working video

Peanut planter’s working video

Peanut planting machine’s model

2BH-2 type (one ridge and two rows), 2BH-4 type (two ridge and four rows), 2BH-6 type (3 ridge and 6 rows).

These are the more popular models. Of course, we also have eight rows of planting to choose from, and do our best to meet your needs.

What is the technical parameter of a peanut planter?

matched power(hp)20-4040-7060-90
seed box capacity10kg*210kg*410kg*6
No. Of rows246
space of rows300-350mm300-350mm300-350mm
space of seed80-300mm80-300mm80-300mm
Seeding rate>98%>98%>98%
peanut planter’s parameter

What advantages does the peanut planter machine have?

1. The peanut planting machine can complete multiple processes such as sowing, applying chemical fertilizer, leveling the ridge surface, spraying herbicide, covering with mulching film and pressing seeds, and covering soil on the film at one time.

2. The peanut planter has a high degree of standardization and precision, and the hole spacing meets the agronomic requirements.

3. Plots with poor site preparation quality and weeds or residual crops in the field do not affect normal operations.

4. There is no need to manually shovel the soil with a machine to press the film, which can effectively prevent the film from being removed by a strong wind.

5. The mechanical operation resistance is small, which can reduce energy consumption by about 30%.

Normal problem

Can peanut seeds be mixed with fertilizer?

No, you can’t, the fertilizer will damage the corn seedlings

How many people are needed for the operation?

1 person.

Can the row spacing and plant spacing be adjusted?

Yes, of course.

If you are interested in our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our professional team will be happy to provide you with detailed product information and answer all the questions you may have.