Peanut picker machine is to pick the peanut fruit from seedlings after harvesting. So, it is a piece of necessary equipment for people who plant peanuts. Until now, we have had two types of groundnut picking machines with different capacities, and both picking rates are perfect.

The importance of the peanut picker machine

Most people like peanuts because of their high nutritional value, and they can be used to make different foods. But how to pick peanuts? In the past, people used to pick peanuts by hand, which was a very difficult task for farmers who planted peanuts in a large area. Taizy peanut picker machine solves this problem, bringing convenience to farmers.

In recent years, we have optimized our peanut picking machine and made it easier to pick peanuts from the field. When peanuts are harvested, we pay more attention to the damage rate of the husk, and our peanut picker machine keeps this data within an acceptable range with high peanut picking efficiency. Besides, the final peanuts contain fewer impurities.

Operation videos of the groundnut picking machine

Introduction of our groundnut picker

Until now, our Taizy produces two different types of peanut picking machines. One is a small peanut picking machine 5HZ-600, and the other is a large 5HZ-1800 peanut picker machine. Among them, the large groundnut picking machine has three different shapes, one has a square fan, one has a round fan and the other is a fruit-picking machine with a fruit-collecting box. Customers can choose a suitable machine according to their needs.

Generally speaking, the output and volume of the two machines are quite different, but the quality of fruit picking can achieve the desired effect. In addition to this machine, we also produce a series of peanut-related machines, such as peanut planters, peanut harvesters, peanut shellers, and peanut oil press machines, which meet various needs for processing peanuts.

Type one: small size groundnut picking machine

This is a high-quality 5HZ-600 peanut picker machine, and it is very suitable for individual use with a capacity of 800-100kg of peanuts per hour. Matching with a 7.5kw motor or 10HP diesel engine, it can work with high speed.

What you should know is that its picking rate is 99% and the breaking rate and impurity rate are less than 1%, so you can get very good peanuts finally. The lifter at the end of the machine is conducive to collecting peanuts and filtering the impurities again.

Groundnut Picking Machine
Groundnut Picking Machine

Structure of the peanut fruit picking machine

This model of peanut fruit picking machine is mainly composed of a material inlet, impurities outlets, fans, a fruit picking device, a vibrating screen, an elevator, wheels, and power(motor or diesel engine). The volume and simple structure of this model machine are suitable for home use in our daily lives.

Small Peanut Picker Structure
Small Peanut Picker Machine Structure

Advantages of small size groundnut picking machine

1. Lifter shield

The lifter is stretched by two flat irons with the same specification, which avoids deviation during the operation. The protective cover can protect the peanuts to be clean.

2. Double vibrating screen

This peanut picker machine adds a layer of the earth-moving sieve to clean the soil at any time, which is convenient and safe.

3. Six blades

Six blades can make the wind stronger and exert a better effect on separating peanuts and seedlings.

4. The eliminator is the core component of the machine. Compared to other machines, this groundnut picking machine can make the peanuts cleaner.

5. The steel roller is equipped with good material, which is detachable.

Peanut Picker's Working Scenes
Peanut Picker’S Working Scenes

Technical parameter of small peanut picking machine

Power7.5kw motor,10HP diesel engine
Picking rate>99%
Breaking rate<1%
Impurity rate<1%
40HQ45 sets
small peanut picking machine parameter

Working procedures of the peanut seedlings remover

First, check if there is a problem with the machine. For example, loose screws, foreign objects inside the machine, etc.

Read the manual carefully. Then turn on the machine and put the peanuts with seedlings in the machine through the feeding port.

Then the dry peanut picker machine’s fruit picking device will work. And at the same time, the fans blow the impurities out through the impurity outlet.

Next, the groundnut picking machine’s vibrating screen will shake off the soil and sand on the peanut shells.

Finally, the processed peanut enters the bag through the elevator.

Type two: big size peanut picker machine

The TZY-1800 peanut picker can discharge peanut leaves and grass through a draught fan to achieve automatic separation of peanuts fruit and seedlings. In addition, it can automatically pack peanuts. This peanut picking machine is suitable for both dry peanuts and wet peanuts, with a fast picking speed and a high cleaning rate.

Because it is mounted by the tractor it can move anytime, anywhere, which is flexible and convenient. Most importantly, it adopts wider cylinders and thicker materials to provide more stable performance and continuous operation.

What are the features of this big-size peanut picker that other machines do not have?

  1. The widened inlet can convey peanut seedlings automatically.
  2. The optimized fan with strong wind can blow out the impurities.
  3. The wheels can save manpower.
  4. Wide tires enable it to bear good stability.
  5. It is fixed with u-shaped screws, which are more flexible and convenient.
  6. Stable transmission performance.
  7. Automatic loading and bagging are very convenient, and the peanut picker machine itself can be disassembled flexibly.
  8. The two support rods at the inlet can make the machine more stable.
  9. The widening drum can increase output.

Components of a peanut picking machine

This peanut picking machine includes a frame, PTO, inlet, seedlings removing device, fans, vibrating screen, two impurities outlets, wheels, elevator with hook, etc. This model peanut picker can process a lot of peanuts and the removal effect is good.

Big Size Peanut Picker Structure
Big Size Peanut Picker Structure

How to properly use the groundnut picker machine?

  1. Before the operation, turn the pulley by hand to see if it works normally, and check whether the fruit picking is complete.
  2. When placing peanut seedlings into the machine, the side with the peanut fruit must be put into the inlet first. And the feeding speed shall be uniform.
  3. The fruit picking machine should not be overloaded, Inspection, adjustment, and maintenance are the necessary things when all is finished.
  4. When the drum of the fruit picker is blocked, check the feeding amount. The following factors can trigger this situation such as the dryness of the peanut seedlings, the tightness of the motor triangle belt, and the power supply voltage.
  5. If the picked peanuts are not clean, adjust the gap between the drum and the bottom of the screen.
  6. When the peanut fruit contains a lot of impurities, at the same time, the small peanuts are sucked out. You should adjust the draught fan outlet.
Groundnut Picker
Groundnut Picker

Technical parameter of big size peanut picker

Rotation speed of the roller550r/min
Loss rate≤1%
Broken rate≤3%
Impurity rate≤2%
Capacity1100kg/h(wet peanut)
Inlet dimension1100*700mm
Height from inlet to the ground1050mm
Model of separation and cleaningVibrating screen and draught fan
Dimensions of the screen3340*640mm
Dimension of machine5800*2100*1900mm
Diameter of the roller600mm
Length of the roller1800mm
Capacity unit power≥30kg/kWh
big size peanut picker specification
Factory Stock
Factory Stock

Peanut picker customer feedback

Peanut picker machine feedback from Italian customers

Italian customers bought peanut harvester and peanut picker machines from us, and the customer gave us satisfactory feedback after receiving the machine. The harvested peanuts are arranged in the field in an orderly manner. Then they picked after finishing the whole harvest.

It needs manual feeding to put the harvested peanuts into the hopper, then the peanuts can be picked automatically. We can see that there is a conveyor belt in the hopper, which makes it easier for peanuts to enter the machine.

The removed peanut leaves or peanut stalks are blown out through the blower. The peanuts are conveyed through the conveyor belt. The clean peanuts are conveyed to the collection bag.

Peanut picker machine working in the field

Peanut picker machine feedback from Sri Lankan customers

This is our peanut picker working feedback video from Sri Lankan customers. He bought a small size groundnut picking machine. From the video, we can see that one person can operate this machine, and the picking efficiency is very high, which is dozens of times that of manual work.

The peanut removing machine is started by a diesel engine, and the output is 800-1000kg/h. The picking rate is 99%. The peanuts after picking are directly transferred into the collection bag by the conveyor belt. It is very convenient.

Customer feedback video of peanut picker machine

If you are interested in the peanut picker machine then feel free to contact us for more pictures and videos and a quote for the machine. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.