The small peanut groundnut picking machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that can pick fruit automatically. The use of this equipment can help agricultural growers or operators to produce quickly. The peanut-picking machine has the characteristics of low consumption, good fruit-picking effect, and low breaking rate. 

This kind of groundnut picking machine is suitable for home use. Because it can meet people’s daily peanut processing needs. Normally, before using this machine the peanut with a stem needs to be dried for about two days.

Working video of a small peanut groundnut picking machine

Brief introduction of the small peanut-picking machine

This article is about a small peanut picking machine. We have two types of peanut groundnut-picking machines. One is the small dry peanut groundnut picking machine. And another is a big size of peanut picker.

The small-sized groundnut

picker can process 800-100kg of peanuts per hour. Meanwhile, the picking rate of the peanut picking machine can reach 99% and the breaking rate and impurity rate are less than 1%. Also, there is an elevator with a metal hook at the peanut outlet, you can hang a bag on it. So, it is convenient for us to collect the peanuts.

The power of this machine can be an electric motor or diesel engine. At the same time if you need we can install the base with wheels, which makes it convenient for you to move this peanut picker everywhere. Besides peanut-picking machines, we also have peanut harvesting machines. And working together with two machines can greatly improve work efficiency and work quality.

Small Peanut Picking Machine
Small Peanut-Picking Machine

Structure of small peanut groundnut picking machine

This small peanut groundnut picking machine mainly has an inlet, fruit picking system, big impurities outlet, peanut outlet, light impurities outlets, lifter(elevator), fan, and power.

What is the working flow of the peanut picker work

  1. We need to dry the peanuts for two days before using the machine.
  2. When we use this small peanut groundnut picking machine, start the machine first and put the peanut with stem into the machine’s inlet.
  3. The peanut will enter the fruit-picking system. The fruit-picking system will separate the peanut from the stem and leaf.
  4. Then the fan will blow the stem, leaf, and big impurities out through the big impurity outlet. At the same time, fruit and heavier stalks (in small quantities) fall on the sorting screen.
  5. Next the fruit and a small amount of stalks, the mud block flows out from the outlet of the sorting screen. The stalks and soil fall to the ground through the bottom sieve.
  6. Finally, the peanut fruit will drop into the elevator. An elevator will deliver the peanut into the bag hanging from the elevator.

Parameter of the small dry peanut picking machine

Power7.5kw motor,10HP diesel engine
Picking rate>99%
Breaking rate<1%
Impurity rate<1%
Parameter of the small dry peanut picking machine

Advantages of high output groundnut picking machine

  1. The whole output peanut-picking machine has a reasonable structure and is easy to move.
  2. This peanut-picking machine has a high stem removal rate. All the peanuts after processed without stems or leaves.
  3. Also, our small peanut groundnut picking machine’s breaking rate is less than 1%.
  4. High efficiency, our small multifunctional peanut picking machine’s capacity can reach 800-100kg per hour. This output can meet the needs of most farmers.

How to maintain the peanut picker machine

  1. Before the small dry groundnut picker machine works, all parts of the machine should be inspected to ensure that they are working properly.
  2. Be sure to do a good job of waterproofing when not in use to avoid corrosion and damage to various parts due to rusting in contact with water.
  3. For the wear-prone parts of the peanut picking machine, we should apply the lubricating oil frequently to protect the normal use of the parts. Especially some exposed metal parts should be painted to prevent rusting.

To get more detailed information about our small peanut groundnut picking machine, or to experience and understand our production process for yourself, please feel free to contact our professional team. We eagerly look forward to your visit and welcome you to come to our factory to discuss how we can better meet your agricultural needs. Our team will be happy to provide you with support and service.