Brief introduction of 2 row rice transplanter

It is 2 row rice transplanter machine and needs to be used by hand. Machine has light weight(20kg),and is very suitable for farmers. Row distance is 250mm that can’t adjust. Max planting depth is 65mm and max planting frequency is 120pcs/min. This small type rice transplanter is easy to use and is a hot sale product on our factory.

Rice Transplanter

Technical parameter of 2 row rice transplanter

Name Rice transplanter machine
Model  CY-2
Rows 2 rows
Type  Manual
Row distance  250mm, can’t adjusted
Max planting frequency  1 20pcs/min
Max planting depth  65mm
Size 600* 700** 800mm
Weight 20kg
20GP 190sets

Structure of 2 row rice transplanter machine

It is mainly composed of chain,handgrip, seedling beds and a board.

Structure Of 2 Row Rice Transplanter Machine

Working principle of this equipment

  1. place the seedlings to the two seedling beds of machine
  2. Rotate the handgrip by the same direction
  3. Transplanting needle picks the seedling down one by one
  4. Then inset them into soil
  5. During the process,the operator should face with the machine and go back continuously.

Case Study

What is the technical conditions of our transplanter?

  • Seedling height should be within 180-300mm
  • The root of seedlings should be inserted into soil about 60mm
  • Working depth should controls within 10-20mm
  • The operator should add lubricating oil to friction part before using to achieve flexible rotation
  • During operation, the seedling should be parallel

Advantage of 2 row rice transplanter

  1. Seedling bed is easy to push out to be cleaned
  2. Light weight makes it easy to move in the paddy field
  3. It just needs one person to operate.
  4. Seedlings can be placed into soil vertically and orderly
  5. High adaptability,and is suitable for hills,mountains and plains etc.

Successful cases of our transplanter machine

Case 1

We delivered 190sets(20 GP) rice transplanter machine to Sri Lanka  in August,2018. November is planting season for Sri Lanka and delivery time is about 40-50days. In other words,our customer bought rice planter machine in August and will receive them in October. He is a dealer in local market,distributing machines to farmers who will operate in planting time

Shipment Picture 10Shipment Picture 12

Case 2

In January,2019,our customer from America ordered 100 sets from us. Rice is very common in America, so rice transplanter machine is popular among American farmers. Our 2 row rice transplanter is light in weight and useful in function, it is a good choice whatever for individual farmer or dealer

we also have 6 row and 8 row rice transplanter, please clink the following link to view more information.

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