Type one: 8-row planting rice machine

Brief introduction of 8 row rice transplanter

8 row rice transplanter has a big advantage of high capacity. Customers who have a big farm or want to deal with transplanter business can choose this model. Rice planter is suit for all kinds of fields. The hanging suspension can adjust the rice plant height according to different fields. Planting space can be adjusted according to customer’s requirement. Row to row distance is about 300mm and hill to hill distance is 120-140mm. It is driven by 178F diesel engine that give more power to the machine.

Structure of 8 row rice transplanter

The 8 rice transplanter machine mainly consists of universal joint, universal joint square, transplant arm, planting needles, rear cover for chain box,delivery leather belt, V-belt, stylus pin, seeding backplate and screw shaft.

Advantage of our transplanter

  1. 8 rows rice planter saves labor time, and two-person can finish all the jobs. One drives the machine, and another one places the rice seedlings.
  2. Seedlings planter machine is very easy to operate and has a long service life.
  3. High applicability can ensure the working mud within 15-35cm.
  4. The machine is easy to move even in the filed with much water
  5. Seedlings can be placed into soil vertically and orderly.
  6. Stainless steel seedling box is wearable

Technical parameter of this equipment

Model CY-8
Diesel Engine Model 178F hand start
Diesel Engine Output(kw/HP) 4.05/5.5
Diesel Engine Rotating Speed(r/min) 1800
Number of Transplanting Row 8
Row to Row Distance(mm) 238mm
Hill to Hill Distance(mm) 120/140/160/190mm
Transplanting Efficiency 0.5-0.75acres/H
Net Weight 410kg
Dimension 2410*2165*1300mm
Gross Weight 460kg
Packing Size 2810*1760*600mm

Features of 8 row rice transplanter

  1. Adjustability
    The hydraulic device of the rice transplanter is important,which is determined by soil condition. Operator can adjust the transplanter so that the machine’s stationarity can keep pace with the transplanting frequency.
  2. The depth of seedling insertion is adjustable
    Generally speaking, the plant spacing needs to be adjusted according to the needs of field. Before working, it is necessary to determine the density of rice transplanting according to the local planting environment and the characteristics of rice. In this way, rice output will be good.
  3. Superior performance
    Our rice transplanter can not only improve the working efficiency, but also liberates a large number of labors as well as optimizing the rural industrial structure.
8 Row Rice Transplanter4
8 Row Rice Transplanter4

Working Principle of 8 row rice transplanter

  1. The seedlings with the regular state are placed orderly in the box and are moved laterally.
  2. When the rice transplanting machine works, the transplanting needle moves down. When it moves to the set depth, the planting fork pushes out the seedling from the needle and takes a certain number of seedlings to inserts it into the soil
  3. At the same time, the hydraulic system can control the relative position of the floating plate and the seedling needle in order to keep insertion depth consistent.
  4. The transplanter does the same action to pick seedlings again.

Type two: 6-row planting rice machine

This 6 row planting rice machine is as same as 8 row rice ttransplanting, being equipped with high efficiency and matches with 178F diesel engine. The depth of rice planter machine can be changeable, that is, from 15cm to 35cm. There is a adjustable seat in the rice transplanter as well, which can make users feel comfortable. Seedling guards can ensure seedling keep upright and tidy.

Technical parameter of 6-row planting rice machine

Model CY-6
Diesel Engine Model 175F hand start
Diesel Engine Output(kw/HP) 3.72/5.5
Diesel Engine Rotating Speed(r/min) 2600
Number of Transplanting Row 6
Row to Row Distance(mm) 300mm
Hill to Hill Distance(mm) 120/140mm
Transplanting Efficiency 0.35-0.5acres/H
Net Weight 300kg
Dimension 2410*2132*1300mm
Gross Weight 360kg
Packing Size 2250*1760*600mm
Machine Display
Machine Display
Product Discription
Product Discription
Rice Transplanter Product Discription 02
Rice Transplanter Product Discription 02


1. Are plant spacing and row spacing adjustable?
Plant spacing can be 120/140/160/190mm, and row spacing is 238mm
2.How about the working efficiency of this machine?
3. How many people are needed when working?
Two, one drives machine and other places the seedlings.
4.How to adjustment transplanting depth?
The transplanting depth of the seedlings is determined by the farmer himself according to local requirement
Method of adjustment:
1. Loosen the fastening steel wire, turn the lifting rod.
2. Turn the rod clockwise results in smaller depth; turning counterclockwise results in larger depth.
3.When the required transplanting depth is reached, block the screw rod again with the fastening steel wire.

you can open the following link to view hand-operated 2 row rice transplanter

2 row Rice transplanter machine