The rice nursery seedling machine is specially used for raising seedling rice. The design of the fully automatic rice seedling production line can complete all kinds of rice seeding processes, such as seedbed soil covering, sowing seeds, sprinkling irrigation, earth covering soil, etc.

The spiral seeder meter meets the needs of precision seeding. And it can realize the adjustable number of seeds and improves the uniformity of seeding. This rice seeder uses the key technical fields of the transplanting seedling industry to improve the automatic technology of the industrialization of rice nursery seedlings.

Introduction of The Rice Nursery Seedling Machine

The automatic rice nursery seedling machine integrates automatic soil spreading, watering, seeding, and mulching. It can complete all the operation procedures of seedling sowing at one time. So it is a fully automatic rice seedling seeding machine. The use of this rice seedling sower greatly improves the precision sowing of small batches. It saves 20% on empty seeding rate than manual sowing and ensures increased yield and income.

At the same time, the machine has a good seedling effect, increasing production and saving costs. The disc cultivation bud planting line has the characteristics of slim, neat, and strong. The machine can use both plastic hard disks and floppy disks, and the efficiency of the machine is more than 900 disks per hour.

Rice Nursery Seedling Machine
Rice Nursery Seedling Machine

The Structure of the Rice Seedling Machine

The whole rice seedling raising machine can include a hanging plug seedling tray device, seedling plate covering device, seedbed soil revolving brush, spray setting, seed funnel, earth covering auxiliary funnel, earth covering removing brush, and plates collecting machine, etc.

Rice Seedling Machine Structure
Rice Seedling Machine Structure

Technical Parameter of the Rice Nursery Sowing Machine

power240w for deliver120w for seeding
seedbed soil ausiliary funnel45L
seed funel30L
seedbed soil ausiliary funne45L
sowing quantity(g/tray)Hybrid rice95~304.5
thickness of subsoil18-25mm
thickness of surface soil3-9mm
rice nursery sowing machine parameter

What should We Pay Attention to When Buying a Nursery Seedling Machine?

1, A seedling seeder should be stable and not prone to failure. In normal use can always have a continuous work output, the efficiency of the work is also very good.

2, Do not pursue too many useless features, to focus on the practicality of the machine.

3, To determine whether the manufacturer provides after-sales service. As mechanical products need professional staff to repair. Therefore, no matter through which channel to buy, there should be after-sales service guarantee.

4, the price of nursery seedling machine can not be too high. When choosing this kind of product, you should ask for quotes in the market. Through comparison to choose to cost-effective seedling seeding machine.

Tips and Attention When Use Rice Seedling Machine


  1. Seedbed soil: Choose vegetable garden soil, matured dry soil, or paddy soil for seedbed soil. Use mechanical or semi-mechanical methods to crush and sieve the soil. Finally, add biological bacterial fertilizer or rice special fertilizer.
  2. Rice seed: Choose high-quality, high-yield, and stress-resistant varieties that are suitable for local planting as seedlings. Before seedling, sun the seed for 1 day and then soaked with the medicament for 72 hours to disinfect the seeds to kill the germs on the seeds as much as possible.
  3. Seedbed preparation: Pay attention to choosing seedling fields that are convenient for irrigation, drainage, and seedling transportation, and easy to manage. Of course, you can also choose to use the seedbed frame, which has a water spray system, and it is more convenient.
  4. Pay attention to the amount of seeding: Generally, one seedling tray uses one paper cup of seed for seeding. The seeding is required to be accurate, uniform, not heavy, and not leaking. The automatic seedling raising machine can realize accurate seeding.


  1. When covering the soil, pay attention to the thickness of the covering soil, which is generally about 0.3cm-0.5cm, and it is better not to see the rice seeds.
  2. Pay attention to heat preservation and moisturizing during the seedling emergence period. Generally, we should control the temperature at 30°C. And when it exceeds 35°C, ventilation, and cooling should be performed. And we should keep the humidity above 80%, and drain water in time in case of heavy rain to avoid water accumulation in the seedbed.
  3. Fertilizer and water management. Pay attention to wet first and then dry. Before the seedlings have only three leaves, the soil or seedbed soil is moist. Control water before transplanting to promote the healthy roots of the seedlings. Apply fertilizer in time according to the seedling situation. When fertilizing, we should pour with water to avoid the direct application of dry fertilizer.
  4. Controlling Pets. Pay attention to preventive work. Prevention is the first, and combine prevention and control. At the same time, pull out the bad seedlings and weeds frequently to ensure the purity of seedlings.

Rice Seedling Machine Match with Rice Transplanting Machine

After the rice seedlings are completed, the rice transplanter machine needs to be used for transplanting.

Below is the walk behind rice transplanter.

Paddy Transplanter
Paddy Transplanter

Operation Video of Rice Transplanter

Our rice nursery seedling machine and rice transplanting machine can be matched. We can customize a 2-row rice transplanter, 4-row rice transplanter, 6-row rice transplanter, or 8-row rice transplanter according to your rice seedling raising machine

FAQ about Rice Nursery Seedling Machine

1. Can this rice seeder nursery other vegetables?
No, this is a nursery seeding machine specifically for rice. We have a special vegetable seeding machine.
2. Which countries have you exported to?
To be a specialized agricultural machinery manufacturer, our rice nursery seedling machines have been exported to Azerbaijan, Uganda, Kenya, Indonesia, and so on.
3. What should I do if the rice seedling machine is broken?
First of all, we have a one-year warranty, and secondly, we will be equipped with wearing parts and toolboxes. The point is that the machines we exported did not have such problems.

Rice Nursery Sowing Machine Shipped to Pakistan

The customer is from Pakistan and he has a special greenhouse to grow rice. The customer has been using traditional planting method before. In order to improve the efficiency, he was looking for a professional rice nursery seedling machine. He wanted to know more about the rice seedling machine by reading our website. Our sales manager communicated with the customer via WhatsApp. And our sales manager gave prompt and professional answers to every question he had. Finally the customer decided to buy a rice seedling machine.