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Tomatoes are nutritious and have a special flavor. The cultivated tomatoes have a wide range of applications. They can be eaten raw, cooked, and processed into tomato paste, juice, or whole fruit cans. Nigeria is the largest tomato producer in sub-Saharan Africa, with an annual output of 1.8 million tons, mainly from the north. It can be seen that nursery seedling machines and transplanter machines still have a large market in the African market. We sold three tomato seedling machines to Nigeria last month.


Tomatoes Nursery Seedling Machine in Nigeria

This customer bought three seeder machines for nursery tomatoes and vegetables and ordered 250,000 200-hole black seedling trays from us according to the machine model because the black seedling trays have better light absorption in winter or spring. It is very beneficial to the root development of tomato seedlings. The customer received the machine and put it into use. Two months later, he gave us good feedback and he was very satisfied with the working condition of the machine.
The 250,000 trays have used within 30 days, and the customer said that they will continue to purchase 200,000 seed trays in the next 2 months to cultivate more tomato seedlings. This client stated that he would buy two transplanter machines next year, and change the traditional artificial planting method, improve mechanized production, increase the economic benefits of agriculture.

Tomato Seedling Tray
Tomato Seedling Tray

Why do Plant Tomatoes Need to Nursery

Located in an African environment, the customer knows clearly why the tomatoes should be nursery first and then transplanted. In the process of planting tomato seedlings, the use of concentrated seedlings is one of the important links in vegetable cultivation, especially under highly intensive production conditions, the role of the nursery is more prominent. Here are the benefits of nursery tomato.

  1. Improve land utilization. Passing the nursery stage on a small area of land and then transplanting it to the field shortens the growth cycle and reduces the land occupation time. Such as nursery 0.16-acre tomato seedlings, it can plant more than 2.47 acres.
  2. The nursery seedlings of tomatoes can be planted earlier. First, planting tomato seeds in trays in protected areas early, and arranging the long seedling period in the non-production season, which can significantly the flowering and fruiting time of tomatoes in advance and appear on the market.
  3. It can ensure that all the tomato seedlings are strong. Nursery tomatoes are relatively long, and pests and diseases are more serious during the nursery period. Tomatoes also require strict environmental conditions. If sow tomatoes directly, the field environment is difficult to control, and the lack of seedlings and ridges are often more serious, and the rate of strong seedlings is not high. Tomato seedlings are cultivated under artificially controlled climate conditions. The seedling conditions are good, which is conducive to seed germination and seedling growth, and it is easy to cultivate strong seedlings.
  4. Save labor and reduce production costs. The good working efficiency of these machines makes this customer feel satisfied and pleasantly surprised. In the past, cultivating tomato seeds consumed a lot of manpower and time. But now the machine helped customers save manpower and increased the germination rate of seeds.  As the customer, each machine can work 500 seed trays per hour, and 3 machines can work for 8 hours at the same time to achieve nearly: 500*8*3=12000 trays, each tray with 200 seeds, one day can grow seedlings: 12000*200=2.4 million tomatoes seed.
Tomato Seedlings
Tomato Seedlings

Customer Feedback Video of Tomato Seedling

This customer said, “This year’s tomato production is expected to be about five times that of last year, and it will be sold at a good price in the market.” He gave us the working video of the machine. From the video, we can see that the operation of the nursery seedling machine is relatively simple. One person is responsible for placing the seedling tray and the machine automatically covers the nutrient substrate. Punch seeding according to the size of the seedling tray. After seeding, the seedling tray is very neat and finally covered with a thin layer of substrate soil. So the tomato seedlings are just fine.

About Seedling Machine Manufacturers

We are a manufacturer specializing in agricultural machinery, and we have been an excellent export company after more than ten years of precipitation. The agriculture machine we export now include seedling machines, transplanters, corn planters, corn harvesters, peanut shelling machines, sesame peeling machines, silage baler and wrapper machines, silage machines, and so on.