Peony transplanter machine is used to plant cucumber, eggplant, cabbage, pepper, sweet potato, peony, onion, sugar beet, and other vegetables, and Chinese herbal medicines.

The duckbill constantly moves through the rotation of the double crankshaft, and the duckbill is combined with the forward motion of the tractor to realize the vertical landing of the duckbill to ensure vertical planting.

The plant spacing can be adjusted by replacing the planting transmission sprocket, the seedlings are placed in the horizontal seedling device to ensure sufficient time to release the seedlings, effectively improving the efficiency of the transplanting. Generally, there are two types of transplanter machines including tractor-driven ones and self-propelled ones.

peony transplanter machine working video

This machine is usually used in conjunction with a nursery machine to plant the cultivated seedlings. You can learn more about seedling machines by clicking: Nursery Seeding Machine | Seeder Machine | Vegetable Seeder Machine.

Type one: Tractor-driven transplanting machine

Tractor-driven Peony transplanter machine is equipped with a tractor, and there are 1 row, 2 rows, 3 rows, 4 rows, 6 rows, 8 rows, 10 rows, 12 rows types, and you can choose the one you need.

As for the 4-row vegetable transplanter, it is equipped with a 50HP wheeled tractor, and its capacity is 1000-2666 m2/h. The seedlings are placed horizontally, increasing transplanting efficiency.

Plant spacing and row spacing should be within 20-50cm and 25-50cm respectively. It uses an electrical sensing device to ensure fixed quantity and point, improving the survival rate of seedlings in some ways.

Technical parameter of tractor-driven transplanting machine

ModelThe range of plant spacing(cm)The range of row spacing(cm)rowMatched tractor(HP)
tractor-driven peony transplanter machine technical data

Type two: self-propelled transplanting machine

The self-propelled transplanting machine matches a 4.05kw gasoline engine, and it bears automatic walking and transplanting. Most people prefer to buy this type because it is very convenient and you can use it directly. However, this type of transplanter machine just has 1 row, 2 rows, and 4 rows.

There are two types of self-propelled models: wheeled and tracked.


Technical parameter of self-propelled transplanting machine

ModelThe range of plant spacing(mm)The range of row spacing(mm)RowMatched power(kw)
self-propelled peony transplanter technical data

Application of two types of transplanting machine

The transplanting machine is suitable for cucumber, eggplant, cabbage, pepper, sweet potato, sassafras, peony, onion, beet, and other vegetables, Chinese herbal medicines, and economic crops.

Working principle of peony transplant

The main working principle is to apply the rotation of the double crankshaft to drive the seedling needle. The force between the seedling needle and the tractor can ensure that the seedling is planted vertically.

tractor-driven transplanter working site

Advantages of peony transplanter machine

  1. Auto-balancing system to ensure the transplanting depth is at the same level.
  2. There is no damage to seedlings.
  3. Power transmission is stable.
  4. A protective bar at the outside of the guide rail can ensure the safety of users.
  5. High capacity, great performance, easy operation and maintenance.
  6. It can work in diverse soil and fields.
  7. It integrates seedling transplanting, watering irrigating, and fertilizer dropping as a whole.
  8. Peony transplanter machines can be used for many vegetables and crops such as cotton, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber, onion, peppers, etc.


What is the difference between the two types of transplanting machines?

The first type needs to work with a tractor, but the self-propelled one just needs a 4.05kw gasoline engine, which is cost-saving and convenient.

What kind of crop can be transplanted?

Both can transplant cucumber, eggplant, cabbage, pepper, sweet potato, peony, onion, sugar beet, and other vegetables, and Chinese herbal medicines.

Can peony transplant ridge the soil?

Yes, this device can be customized if you need it, and you do not need to buy it if you already have a ridging machine.

Can I cover the film for the plant?

Yes, you can customize it if necessary.