The disc plow uses a concave disc as a working part, which can be composed of one or more discs. A plow can be composed of multiple discs, each disc is independently installed on the plow column welded to the main inclined beam.

Disc plows are generally matched with a tractor’s three-point suspension connection. During operation, the plow blade rotates to the plow and turns the soil. Disc plows are usually used for ploughing and plowing in dry farming areas or wastelands.

Working video of disc plow

working video of disc plough

Brief introduction of the disc plow

The one-way disc plow is matched with the full suspension connection of the tractor. During operation, the plow blade rotates to the plow and turns the soil. It has the advantages of not entanglement of grass, no blockage, no soil, capable of cutting crop stems and rhizomes and less working obstruction.

It is especially suitable for farmland operations where weeds grow, stems stand tall, soil resistance is large, and there are bricks and pieces in the soil. Disc plows are different from disc harrows. Disc plows are mainly used for plowing and plowing operations on uncultivated land, and disc harrows are used for plowing and leveling operations on cultivated land.

Disc Plow

The structure of the disc plow equipment

Including the machine frame, connection points, and discs.

It includes the left arm shell, the left support arm, the gearbox, the transmission gear, the engagement sleeve, the joystick, the sprocket box, the disc shaft, and the disc. The joystick is installed on the gearbox and connected to the engagement sleeve.

The working principle of the disc plow machine

The disc of the disc plow is installed on the same shaft, and the tail wheel is installed on the left side of the plow body, which acts to balance the side pressure and make the disc plow work stably.

To ensure the quality of farming, the up and down position and deflection angle of the tail wheel can be adjusted.

The drive disc plow is connected to the tractor through a three-point suspension.

The upper and lower rods and the left and right lifting rods are all connected with the tractor using ball hinges.

The power output shaft is connected to the universal joint and the central driveshaft that drives the disc plough.

Work process of the disc plough

A disc plow is a tillage machine that uses a concave disc to plow the soil.

When the disc plow is dragged forward by the tractor, the disc rotates around its central axis, the soil is cut around the disc, and the plowed soil rises along the concave surface of the rotating disc and turns sideways and rearward. Furrows are left after plowing.

It is suitable for stubble removal operations of crushed soil after plowing, soil preparation before sowing, loose soil, soil and fertilizer mixing, and light soil.

Applicable land for the disc plough

The disc plow is suitable for ploughing and plowing cultivated land or wasteland and is especially suitable for ploughing and plowing high-yield green manure fields and returning rice and wheat stubble to the field.

The plow’s passing performance and soil entry performance are good. The soil turning and mulching quality can meet the technical requirements of agricultural production, the farming obstruction is small, and the operation and adjustment are convenient.

Parameter of the disc plow

Model1LYQ-220 1LYQ- 315 1LYQ- 320 1LYQ- 325 1LYQ- 425 1LYQ- 525 1LYQ- 625
Width of cut(mm)400450600750100012501500
Depth of cut(mm)200200200250-300 250-300 250-300 250-300
Dia of disc (mm) 510460510600 600 600 600
Quantity of disc2333456
Tractor powder(hp)182525-405090120160
Mounted catCat1: Three-point suspension Cat1 Cat1 Cat2: Three-point suspension Cat2 Cat2 Cat2
detailed technical data of disc plough

Advantages of the disc plow for sale

1. Reliable quality. The shell is made of a thickened steel plate, which is sturdy and durable, suitable for high-strength operation, not easy to age, and has a long service life.

2. High work efficiency, good work quality, convenient adjustment, simplicity and durability, etc.

3. The power disc is more suitable for rice fields with more straw and weeds, and fields with high water content. It has a good chopping and flipping effect on straw and weeds, and effectively improves the ventilation and water permeability of the soil.

4. In the fields of rice stubble and safflower grass, it is easy to rot, which is beneficial to increase agricultural organic fertility. The machine has the characteristics of not tangling grass, grabbing time for farming, saving labor, high operating quality, and low cost.

5. Wide application area and low tillage obstruction.

Maintenance of the disc plough

1. Comprehensively check the appearance of the machine and repaint the paint; apply oil to the disc and spline shaft to prevent rust.

2. Check whether the transmission box, ten bytes, and bearings are short of oil, and replenish it immediately if necessary.

3. Check and tighten the connecting bolts.

4. Check whether the vulnerable parts such as bolts and split pins are damaged, and replace them if necessary.

5. Thoroughly remove the mud, dust, and oil on the equipment.

6. Replace lubricating oil and grease thoroughly.

The One-Way Disc Plow Is Matched With The Full Suspension Connection Of The Tractor. During Operation, The Plow Blade Rotates To Plow And Turn The Soil.
Disc Plow

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