The definition of disc Plough

The disc plow is a cultivating machine and it is towed by a tractor. The vertical disc plough products are mainly used for plowing the cultivated land in dry farming areas, especially suitable for plowing high-yield green manure fields and returning rice and wheat stubble to the field.

working video of the disc plow machine

Different types of disc plough

Type One: Single disc plough

The single-disc plow is towed by a tractor. When working, the unit advances, the disc rolls and cuts into the soil, and the soil rises along the concave surface of the disc. At the same time, with the cooperation of the scraper, the soil is turned and broken.

We have seven different models of this one-way disc plow. The first three types of tillage widths are different, but the tillage depth is 200 mm, and the latter four models are all 250 to 300 mm deep. When the matching horsepower is 18, we will use a small walking tractor. Note that different tractors must be used to tow different disc plows.

The structure of single disc plough

Look at the picture, our single disc plow consists of the following parts: upright, plow frame welding, tie rod welding, lower suspension pin, fillet welding, front plough post welding, and plough disk. Different types of single disc ploughs should be driven by different tractors.


Technical parameters of our machine


Type Two: Circular tube disc plough

The circular tube disc plow is matched with the tractor’s full suspension link, and the plow blade rotates during operation to plow and turn the soil. It has the characteristics of not tangling grass, not constricting the soil, not blocking, being able to cut off crop stalks and rhizomes, and having less working resistance.

We have four different models of circular tube disc plows. The tillage is different, and the tillage depth is 250 to 300 mm. Due to the different horsepower, tractors of different horsepower are used to tow.

Structure of circular tube plough

The circular tube disc plow is mainly composed of these parts: tailwheel, heavy suspension, and plow blade.


Technical parameter of circular tube disc plough


Type Three: 1LY disc plough

1LY disc plow refers to the characteristics of foreign disc plows and creates designs based on them. The 1LY series disc plow is mainly used for plowing operations in dryland or raw land. It has the characteristics of low resistance and simple operation.

The 1LY series disc plow includes four different models. The farming widths of adjacent models are different by 300 mm, the tillage depth is the same, and tractors with different horsepower are required to pull.

The structure of 1LY disc plough

The 1LY disc plough is composed of three main parts: frame, linkage point, and plow disc. Other pictures are a detailed introduction to the parts.

Technical parameter of 1LY disc plough

1Ly Disc Plough

Application of our machine

Our disc plows are of extremely high quality and efficiency and are suitable for dry land and paddy fields. Before planting rice, plowing the land is good for the growth of rice. When plowing in the paddy field, it can completely turn the soil and level it.

It can cut wheat and rice straws and bury them in the soil. They rot in the soil and increase the organic matter of the soil. The disc plow is connected with the full suspension of the tractor.

During operation, the plow blade rotates to the plow and turns the soil. It is especially suitable for overgrown weeds, the stems are upright, the specific resistance of the soil is large, and there are complex masonry pieces in the soil.

Application Of Disc Plough
Application Of Disc Plough

How to maintain the disc plough

  • Comprehensively check the appearance of the machine, repaint the paint, and apply oil to the machete and spline shaft to prevent rust.
  • Check whether the transmission box, ten bytes, and bearings are short of oil, and replenish it immediately if necessary.
  • Check and tighten the connecting bolts.
  • Check whether the vulnerable parts such as bolts and split pins are damaged, and replace them if necessary.
  • Thoroughly remove the mud, dust, and oil on the equipment.
  • Replace lubricating oil and grease thoroughly.

Tractor with disc plough

As mentioned above, we have many types of disc plow, 3 disc plow, 4 disc plow, 5 disc plow, 6 disc plow, etc. Therefore, different disc plow requires tractors with different horsepower. Small disc plows can use 18-horsepower walking tractors, and large disc plows can use medium or large tractors. Under the tractor’s traction, the disc plow can work very well, and the work efficiency is very high.

Tractor With Disc Plough
Tractor With Disc Plough

Why do we use plough?

Land is an important guarantee for people’s lives. In the past, people used labor or livestock to plow the land, but this is a waste of the labor force and it is inefficient. The vertical disc plow can effectively solve this problem and make the soil more fertile.

Fertile land can better grow crops and make people get higher yields. In the plowed land, the soil gap is enlarged and the air permeability is good. Water and air can enter the soil well and can be well retained. Plowing can make the soil soft and suitable for the growth of crop roots and nutrient absorption. 

The temperature during spring plowing is still relatively low, and plowing can kill some of the pests hidden in the soil for overwintering, which can reduce the damage to seeds by the pests. Therefore, the plow is very important for farmers.

What is the equipment price?

According to the above parameter table, we can see that the number of disc plow blades of different models is different, and the tilling depth and the tilling width are different. Therefore, the price of each disc plow is not fixed, you can choose the appropriate disc plow according to your needs, and our business manager will give you an accurate quotation.

Disc plough in the Philippines

This is a feedback video from our Filipino customers, he believes that with the matching tractor traction, our disc plow has a strong working intensity and can turn the deep soil over. The disc plow is hauled by a tractor, which makes the driving extremely stable and safe, without turbulence, and does not make people feel dizzy.

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