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Agricultural machinery is a good helper for agricultural production and making a fortune. The small horsepower walking tractors are suitable for the current purchasing power and use conditions of small-scale agricultural operations and have strong vitality. Small tractors include two-wheel walking tractors and small four-wheel tractors. In comparison, walk-behind tractors are more cost-effective. With different farm walking attachments, you can complete a series of farm work.


Two-wheel Tractor with Two Horsepower Types

(1) Large walking tractor

The 18-horsepower walking tractor has been the main product in the small tractor sales market for many years, and the sales market is mainly in Africa, Southeast Asia.

(2) Small and medium walking tractors

Medium-sized generally refers to a 12-horsepower walking tractor

What kind of Walk-Behind Tractor Right For My Farm?

This means how to choose a suitable walk-behind tractor

Different horsepower two-wheel tractor have different functions

Small-scale agricultural two-wheel walking tractor

Small farming walking tractors generally have 8-18 horsepower. The standard configuration of two-wheel walking tractors is a rotary tiller. Of course, you can also choose a special ditcher, planter, and fertilizer applicator, weeding wheel, trailer, etc. to meet your needs. The multi-functional walking tractor with one machine is trustworthy. Therefore, if it is used for sowing, it is more suitable to choose these two wheels walking tractors.


Hand-hold small horsepower tractor

It is suitable for field farming, ditches and ridges, plastic greenhouses, tobacco, nursery, orchard, vegetable garden management, tea, and other planting industries, and has lightweight, small size, simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance, and low fuel consumption.

Agricultural hand-hold diesel walking tractor

The product has the characteristics of high power, small size, lightweight, easy start, low fuel consumption, good reliability, convenient operation and maintenance, and wide use. It can be applied to the supporting power of agricultural trailers, water pumps, generator sets, small ships, crushers, small construction machinery, and other machinery.


According to the above introduction, you can choose the walking tractor you need.

Easy maintenance of two-wheel walking tractors

The walk-behind walking tractor is a kind of small tractor, which is popular in villages and towns in various countries. The walking tractors are mainly powered by diesel engines and gasoline engines. Diesel engines are popular among African customers because of their strong power, strong overload capacity, and reliable work. And the “heart” of the walking tractor is a diesel engine, so normal maintenance and maintenance of it is very important. The following are the possible problems and troubleshooting methods for diesel walking tractors.

Problems and solutions

Common failure 1: difficulty in starting the engine

The reason one may be that the ambient temperature is too low.

Remedy1: Preheat the engine oil. Let out the engine oil in the diesel engine, heat it up, and then pour the heated engine oil in.

Remedy2. Fill a hot water

Reason two maybe because of your diesel problem, such as poor quality, you can choose different diesel according to the season.

Elimination method: precipitation diesel


Reason three maybe the oil path is blocked

Reason four may be improper engine adjustment,

Remedy: adjust the fuel injection pump, the fuel supply advance angle should be 16-20 degrees.

The reason five may be low cylinder pressure

Remedy: adjust valve clearance

The intake valve clearance is 0.35mm, and the exhaust valve clearance is 0.45mm. Another reason for valve leakage is that the valve is not closed tightly. This failure requires the replacement of the valve. If the piston ring or cylinder liner is severely worn, it is necessary to replace the piston or add a cylinder liner.

Common fault 2: abnormal engine exhaust

Engine exhaust black smoke

Remedy: clean the intake and exhaust system, clean and adjust the injector,

Engine exhaust blue smoke

Remedy: The amount of oil in the machine is too low. If the blue smoke cannot be removed even after the amount of oil is normal, the engine is severely worn and the engine should be repaired at this time

Engine exhaust white smoke

Common fault 3: engine overheating

Reason 1: Water tank shortage

Elimination method: add cooling water

When the engine is overheated, cold water should not be added in a hurry to prevent the fuselage from rupturing, and the engine temperature is too high to stop the engine immediately to prevent the piston from being seized in the cylinder.

Reason two: the water tank is dirty, clean the inside and outside of the water tank

Reason three: oil supply is too late

Common fault 4: insufficient oil pressure

Reason 1: The amount of oil is too little, the oil is too thin,

Reason 2: The oil filter is blocked

Fault five: difficulty in speed conversion

Reason 1: The clutch is not separated clearly, the gap should be 0.4mm-0.7mm, adjust the clutch handle.


Reason 2: The clutch bearing is lacked oil: fill the release bearing with lubricating oil, or replace the release bearing.

Fault 6: steering failure,

Inaccurate or worn tire pressure

Tire pressure is too high, tire pressure is too low, tire pressure is normal


The walk-behind tractor is light and flexible, simple to operate, and suitable for operation in different land conditions. The correct use, maintenance, and repair of your walking tractor are the key to maximizing the benefits of walking tractors.