This is a super size corn sheller machine and one machine can serve for a whole village, matching with 28-35 hp tractor, so it is easy to operate.

 Main structure of corn sheller

This shelling corn machine is mainly composed of collection part, Conveying part, Threshing part, Separation and cleaning part and Auxiliary part.

Collection part: collecting corn cobs that are initially aired

Conveying part: conveying the collected corn cob to the threshing part.

Threshing part: separating corn kernels and corn cobs

Separation and cleaning part: separates other impurities inside corn kernels again.

Auxiliary part: including clutch devices, transmission devices, safety devices, etc.

Corn Shelling Machine
Corn Shelling Machine
Corn Sheller
Corn Sheller

Technical parameter of corn sheller machine

Model 9TY-900
Power 28-35 hp tractor
Capacity 10-12t /h
Weight 2000kg
Size 5500*1550*2100 mm

Advantage of corn sheller machine

  1. It has a automatic feeding hopper, improving working efficiency.
  2. High capacity. Its capacity is 10-12t /h.
  3. User can sit down to operate, saving much energy.
  4. The outlet at the back of machine always connects a big bag that avoids the dust and other impurities flying around the air.
  5. Vibrating part is able to fully separate the corn kernels form crushed corn cobs that drop down from the opposite direction.
  6. A special design, two outlet for discharging crushed corn cobs, greatly improves cleaning rate.
  7. There is a small outlet to discharge crushed corn particles that can be used to feed animals.
Maize Shelling Machine
Maize Shelling Machine

FAQ of corn sheller machine

  1. Do i need a tractor?

Yes, of course, 28-35 hp tractor.

  1. What is the capacity of thiscorn thresher?


  1. Is this corn shelling machine only for corn?

Yes, it just is for threshing corn.

4. Do you have other small size corn sheller?

yes, of course, we also have other types of corn shelling machine.