5TYM-850 wheel maize thresher machine is widely used in animal husbandry, farms, and households.

Function and application

The 5TYM-850 corn thresher is mainly used for corn peeling and threshing. This thresher can quickly separate the corn kernels from the corn cobs and has the characteristics of high work efficiency and low crushing rate. The thresher can equip with a diesel engine, motor, and tractor PTO to drive. You can select according to your needs. At the same time, it can be equipped with tires and a support frame for easy transportation.


Structure of the 5TYM-850 thresher machine

The maize thresher machine consists of an inlet, a fan, and two outlets for corn cobs and corn cobs, underframes, large tires, supports, and tractor traction frames.




Details structure display

PTO, tractor traction frame, screen, throwing gear, belt.

The difference between 850 thresher and 650 thresher

  1. The output of the 850 maize thresher machine is larger than that of the 650 maize thresher. The hourly output of the 850 threshers is 4-6t, and the hourly output of the 650 threshers is 1-2t.
  2. The 850 maize thresher machine has one more fan than the 650 corn thresher, so the corn after threshing is cleaner.
  3. The 850 corn thresher is bigger in size than the 650 corn thresher.
    You can choose 850 corn thresher or 650 corn thresher according to your needs.

How is the corn thresher work?

What is the price of the thresher?

Customers who subscribe to our website know that our corn thresher has been constantly updated. We have different types of maize thresher machines, including large-yield, small-yield, versatility, and big tire corn thresher special applications for Africa. If you want to get a more detailed price, you can contact us and tell us which model corn thresher machine you want.

Technical Parameters

Model 5TYM-850
Capacity 4-6t/h
Shelling rate 99%
Power 5.5-7.5 kw or 12-18HP or PTO
Size 1270x720x1000mm
Weight 120 kg