Brief introduction of corn sheller

Corn thresher refers to a mechanical device for threshing corn. The corn thresher has the characteristics of high automation, strong safety, simple operation, and low energy consumption.

The inner part of the corn sheller is an up-down structure, and the corn cob firstly is peeled and then threshed. Cylindroid hammer is an important part to make cob and kernel keep unbreakable. With reasonable design and high capacity, this maize sheller really is a useful tool for farmers, and it is suitable for home or industrial use, greatly boosting working efficiency.


Working video of corn thresher machine

Corn Shelling Machine 8

Matched Power of corn sheller

To meet customer’s different requirements, our maize thresher can be driven by a 2.2KW motor, 170F gasoline engine, or 8 HP diesel engine.

Corn Shelling Machine 9

Advantages of corn thresher

  1. The suction fan can absorb the impurities from cobs, such as corn silk, corn skin, dust, etc.
  2. On account of four wheels, the corn shelling machine is easy to install and move during operation, and the working place of the corn thresher is not restricted.
  3. The corn thresher machine has two functions, one is removing the corn peel, and the other is thresher corn, which greatly saves labor time, and money compared with the single-function machine.
  4. High efficiency is the most prominent feature it, can get 1-1.5t corn kernels per hour. Because the peel function and thresher function can be performed simultaneously. The most important is the threshing rate reaches 97%, which means almost all kernels can remain intact.
  5. Low broken rate. It is less than 3%.
Corn Thresher Machine
Corn Thresher Machine

Technical parameter of corn sheller

maize thresher machine detailed technical data

A successful case of corn sheller

We Have sold numerous containers of corn thresher machines abroad, such as machines to Pakistan especially the African market,(Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, etc).

This corn threshing machine is highly favored by all of our customers, that is why it is the hottest sale in our factory.

Recently, we delivered 1500 sets of corn peelers to Zimbabwe as government procurement, It took us one month to finish this order and pack them carefully to ensure safe delivery.

Corn Shelling Machine 5
Corn Shelling Machine 1

FAQ of corn sheller

What is the inner structure of the maize thresher machine?

This is an up-down structure thresher, which means the machine firstly peels its skin and then threshes corn.

What is the capacity of this corn sheller?

Its capacity is 1-1.5t/h

What are the vulnerable spare parts? Do I need to buy them when I order one machine from you?

Two rollers inside the corn thresher machine are vulnerable and need to be changed annually. It is better to buy an extra one.

Can corn skin be fully removed?

Yes, it can be fully removed and blown out by a draught fan.

What is the threshing rate?

The threshing rate can reach 98% and corn kernels are very clean after threshing.

Are there broken corn kernels after threshing?

Two rollers made of special material play an important role in threshing, and its cylinder structure can minimize the broken rate. Thus, the broken rate is less than 3%.

Is this corn thresher machine only fit for corn?

Yes, it is a machine that can only be used for corn or maize, but we also have other multifunctional threshers to thresh different crops. Welcome to contact us to know more.

Why buy corn thresher from us

We are a manufacturer specializing in agricultural machinery. In addition to corn threshers, we also have corn planters, seedling machines, transplanters, peanut shelling machines, grain grinders, grass cutters, etc. At present, much African government’s poverty alleviation projects have cooperated with us and purchased a large number of agricultural machinery from us.

Contact us at any time

If you are interested in our corn thresher machines or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We warmly welcome you to visit our factory, learn more details about our products, and experience the full range of services we provide. Look forward to working with you!