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corn thresher

The corn harvested from the farmland is first peeled off, and then the corn is placed outdoors to remove moisture from it. After this, we use a corn thresher to separate the corn seeds and corn cobs.

maize thresher-a good helper

Maize thresher has changed the traditional autumn harvesting method of farmers and solved the problem of farmers sowing corn. The traditional method not only wastes manpower and material resources but also has low efficiency. However, corn thresher can help you to get rid of these troubles.Maize Peeler And Thresher5

Comparison of effects before using and after using corn thresher

In the past, due to the backward technology, people could only rely on their own hands to peel corn kernels from the corn cobs during the autumn harvest. In this process, several people or more than a dozen people work together day and night. A small piece of cornfield takes half a month or even a month, and the efficiency is very low. Moreover, the damage to our hands caused by this method is very large. More seriously, the skin on the fingers will take off a layer after a long time.8 2

Now that we have a corn thresher, the amount of work that took a month to complete in the past now only takes a day or even a few hours. In the past, a dozen or even dozens of workers were needed, but now only one person is required to operate the machine. Besides, with this machine, we don’t have to worry about our hand speeling. The corn thresher is really a good helper for farmers.

What should we pay attention to before buying the machine

1.we should buy from regular factories or distributors to ensure that there are qualified application licenses, related certifications, etc.

2. We need to choose a manufacturer with a perfect after-sales service so that we can solve the problems we encountered in a timely and effective manner during the use of the machine.

3. Before buying, understand the advantages of this machine and determine whether it is suitable for your own use.

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