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As an agricultural country, Kenya has achieved self-sufficiency in almost all basic foods. The most cultivated crop is corn, which accounts for 62% of the arable land area. However, due to low mechanism level, they need to export corn shelling machine from China, and the maize sheller price in Kenya is affordable for farmers. Kenya’s main agriculture areas also grow sorghum, potatoes, peanuts and tobacco etc.

Agriculture is one of the most important pillar industries in most African countries. However, the current level of agricultural production generally not high, and agricultural production is still dominated by manpower and simple tools. Agriculture machine have always been the main item of China’s aid to Africa, that’s why our agriculture machines have got awareness and market foundation there.

The demand of agriculture machine in Kenya

China’s agricultural machines have great advantages in price and quality. The maize sheller price in Kenya is very popular . The knowledge level of Kenyan farmers is relatively low, so the technology content of agriculture machines in Kenya does not need to be too high and advanced so that local farmers can master and use it more easily. Under the condition of guaranteeing the basic performance of agriculture machine produced in China, the price of them is low, which is in line with local market demand.

Corn Peeling And Threshing Machine
Corn Peeling And Threshing Machine

The opportunities in Kenya

26% of Kenya’s GDP comes from agriculture. Data show that the level of agricultural mechanization in Kenya’s large and medium-sized farms is only 30%. The main agricultural labor force is still artificial, accounting for 50%, and animal power is 20%. Kenya’s main agricultural products include corn, beans, wheat, etc.

Due to the low level of agricultural mechanization in Kenya, 80% of the land potential has not yet been developed, which brings huge market opportunities for agricultural machine enterprises from China.

The government takes measures to promote agricultural machine development

In response to the current situation of agricultural mechanization in Kenya, the Ministry of Agriculture is formulating an policy to regulate the development of agricultural machinery industry. The policy will start with the testing, standardization and control of machine in order to transform the traditional agricultural machine industry to modernization and commercialization.

The price of agriculture machine should be reasonable, especially corn thresher machine. The government will reform and support agricultural mechanization extension services, accelerate the construction of spare parts and service centers, and promote the local production and sales of agricultural machines. In addition, they aim to improve infrastructure construction and establish agricultural mechanization demonstration centers.