Brief introduction of the gasoline hand-held planters

Gasoline hand-held planters are based on traditional hand-held planters with gasoline power. And compared with machines that completely rely on human sowing, it saves time and effort.

Also this machine is suitable for sowing seeds in dry fields. You can sow granular seeds such as beans, grains, and vegetable seeds etc. And the machine has the characteristics of easy start, light weight, sturdiness, less dust, and less entanglement. It is suitable for all crops in dry land and is a good helper for farmers in farming.

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Hand-Held Gasoline Corn Planter

Main functions of hand held corn planter with gasoline power

  1. Sowing the seeds into the land.
  2. Apply fertilizer next to the seeds.
  3. Loosen the soil while sowing.
  4. Ditch before planting.

Application scope of walk behind corn planter 

1.It can sow granular seeds such as wheat, soybeans, red beans, peas, corn, broad beans, beans, sorghum, millet, etc.

2.It can also fertilize.

3.And we can also adjust the the amount of seeding, the amount of fertilizer, and the depth of seeding.

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Gasoline Hand-Held Peanut Planter

The structure of the hand held gasoline bean planter

Accelerator control handle, handbrake, push handle, seeding box, fine seeding disc, chain spring, deep and shallow spring, rear rubber wheel, frame, lower seed angle, fuel tank, belt box, front iron wheel.

The working process of the gasoline hand held seeds planter

  1. Firstly, choose the seed that you need. And put the seed into the seed hopper.
  2. Then start the gasoline.
  3. Next holding the handle of this machine. And at the same time, walking with the machine at a constant speed.
  4. Finally, after sowing the seeds, turn off the gasoline engine and store the machine properly.

Features of the gasoline manual corn planter 

1.Small size, light weight, flexible and convenient operation. It is suitable for use in greenhouses, orchards, vineyards, terraces, slopes and small plots.

2.The handle can be adjusted in height and length, suitable for everyone.

3.Sowing and fertilizing can be double-row, single-row, before and after use.

4.You can plant various crops by changing the seed box. The quality is stable and reliable.

5.Has multiple functions. This machine can complete a variety of farmland operations such as planting and fertilizing with only the replacement of the working tool.

6.Both men and women can use this machine. The quality is stable and reliable.

Product advantages of the hand gasoline corn planter

1. The machine has no chain transmission, and the scoop replaces the warrant. The seeding is accurate and the hole spacing is consistent.

2. Use this machine to increase output. Because the holes are evenly spaced, there is good ventilation and sufficient nutrients, which can increase production by 10-20%.

3. This machine is designed with limited deep wheels. Adjust the depth-limiting wheel of the planter before planting, so that the planting depth of each row is consistent.

5. The machine is novel in design and simple in structure. It is easy to use, easy to debug, and almost zero faults.

6. Large adjustment range of row spacing and plant spacing. It can achieve the ideal effect of basically no need to shave the seedlings. It can meet the requirements of different users for different seeds.

Gasoline Hand-Held Planters Are Based On Traditional Hand-Held Planters With Gasoline Power. And Compared With Machines That Completely Rely On Human Sowing, It Saves Time And Effort. 
Also This Machine Is Suitable For Sowing Seeds In Dry Fields.
Gasoline Hand-Held Seed Planter