The fresh corn thresher is used to thresh sweet corn on the cob. It can separate the sweet corn kernels from the corn cobs. The sweet corn thresher machine can thresh all kinds of fresh corn, sweet corn, waxy corn, cooked corn, and corn after thawing. The degree of automation is high, and the depth of threshing can be adjusted.

Multiple sweet corn sheller machines can work with large-scale assembly lines. For example, corn threshing and washing production line. A single machine can be used for food processing, such as canned corn production, processing workshops, etc.

Sweet Corn Sheller
Sweet Corn Sheller

Applications of fresh sweet corn thresher

The corn kernels are suitable for food processing plants to cooperate with manufacturers of rapid freezing and canned corn.

Sweet corn sheller is suitable for factories and enterprises such as central kitchens, canned corn kernels, quick-frozen corn syrup, corn kernel factories, dry food processing, agricultural and sideline products processing, etc.

Sweet corn sheller machine working video

how the fresh maize sheller machine works

Structure of fresh corn threshing machine

The whole fresh corn thresher machine is made of stainless steel, which can fully adapt to the humid environment of the processing center.

Sweet Corn Thresher Structure
Sweet Corn Thresher Structure
  • Reasonable design: the whole machine is made of all stainless steel, and it is easy to move with casters. The frequency converter controls the speed and the operation is simple
  • Convenient feeding: the feeding port is equipped with a chain feeding device, which effectively improves work efficiency.
  • Discharge port: it is equipped with a blower to make the corn kernels clean and beautiful after being removed.
  • Strong adaptability: It is not only suitable for large-scale production in factories and assembly lines but also suitable for processing in family workshops.
  • High threshing rate: It can be automatically adjusted according to the size of the corn cob, suitable for the threshing of various sizes of corn, and the depth of threshing is adjustable.
  • The knife tool has a long service life: It is made of special stainless steel material, special process treatment, no long-term sharpening, and is durable.

Introduction of threshing sweet corn

Place peeled fresh corn on the conveyor chain

The corn is forwarded and fed into the corn machine one by one by the conveyor chain;
The conveying adopts a stainless steel chain for uniform-speed conveying. V=15 m/min;
Feeding of corn;
The rubber roller rotates in the direction of the arrow, clamps and conveys the corn cob, and enters the cutter;
The rubber roller is a special non-toxic material with a soft and elastic texture. It can ensure that the ultra-thin-skin corn will not break or erupt.


Core structure-separation of kernel and stem

•Unique knives and cutter heads, which can easily cut corn ears of different diameters
•Five-piece knife rotating at high speed, close to the corncob
•The cutter rotates counterclockwise to cut the ears of corn
•The cutting tool is made of high hardness, high toughness, and high wear-resistant materials. At present, it has gone through several stages of development, which greatly extends the sharpening cycle and greatly improves production efficiency.


Radial cutting of corncob

The cut is neat, smooth, and dry, without damaging the contents of the kernel.
The cutting depth is adjustable, and it can meet the needs of users at all levels


Axial cutting of corncob

•Axial tapered cutting can be realized, which greatly improves the yield of corn kernels.
•Smoothly cut special-shaped corn and curved corn.
•Minimum cutting corn ear length is 80mm.


Corn cob discharge

  • There is a toothed disc cutter in the middle of the plastic roller.
  • The corncob can be clamped, transported, and discharged.
  • The corncob is led out coaxially by two sets of four discharging wheels, which enhances the stability of discharging and avoids jamming.

Electrical control

The entire operation process of the fresh corn thresher is controlled by a motor. The machine is equipped with operation buttons, and there is an inverter in the internal structure.


Application of fresh corn thresher in the production line

In the corn canned food processing plant, you can use multiple fresh corn thresher machines if you want a big capacity at the same time. You can wash, pack, freeze, and sell after threshed.


FAQ about small sweet corn sheller

Can this machine peel corn?

No, when threshing with a sweet corn thresher, you must remove the husk before putting it into the machine. We have other types of corn peeling and thresher

Is the speed of the knife adjustable?

The rotation speed of the knife is controlled by the frequency converter, and the feeding speed is fixed.

Can corn be withdrawn?

Yes, it can. The fresh corn thresher is equipped with a feeding wheel reversing and rewinding device. If the corn cob is broken or stuck, press the reversing button to make it exit smoothly.

What is the output of a fresh sweet corn thresher?

The machine can thresh 75 corn per minute, and the yield is about 300 kg/h (corn kernels).

Advantages of sweet corn shelling machine

1. Increased efficiency: Sweet corn shellers can process large quantities of corn in a short period. This can help reduce labor costs and increase productivity for large corn processing plants.

2. Consistency: Fresh corn threshers can peel corn consistently and with virtually no breakage. This helps improve the overall quality of the corn and reduces waste.

3. Improved food safety: Sweet corn threshers are designed to peel corn kernels without contamination. This is especially important for companies that sell sweet corn as a food product.

4. Adaptable: The threshing section of our sweet corn shellers automatically adjusts to the specific size of the corn. Thus it can handle corn of all diameter sizes.

Sweet Corn Shelling Machine

Reasons why fresh corn thresher is popular

1. Nowadays, canned goods, various corn side dishes, and people use corn in their daily lives. Therefore people have a high demand for fresh corn. And the production of fresh corn in large quantities has become a common phenomenon.

2. Taizy’s fresh corn thresher is of high quality, and the machine material is safe food-grade stainless steel, producing clean and hygienic corn kernels. This has done further promotion for the use of fresh corn threshing machines.

3. Generally large fresh corn processing plants will use more than one fresh corn threshing machine to start work at the same time.

Fresh Corn Thresher

Sweet corn sheller technical information

Voltage220V 1 phase220V 1 phase
Production400-500kg/h(seeds only)600kg/h(seeds only)
Input conveyor sizeWithout690*260*380mm
Machine Size630*620*1250mm1320*620*1250mm
Machine weight100KG100KG
Sweet Corn Sheller Parameter

Fresh corn thresher sold to America

A customer from the United States purchased a fresh corn thresher for his use. During the communication with the customer, we will provide any information about the machine. For example, pictures, videos, parameters, structure, etc. of the fresh corn thresher.

We will also be ready to answer any questions the customer may have about the machine. In addition to the fresh corn thresher, the customer also purchased a set of blades.

After the customer has purchased the fresh corn thresher, we will provide the manual and instruction manual. Therefore, customers do not have to worry at all about not knowing how to operate the machine.

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