Rice thresher machine

SL-125 rice thresher machine is a big size machine and is used to thresh the shell of rice to get clean rice kernels. Compared with other threshers, It also can be used for millet, sorghum, and beans. Recently, we have sold many containers of rice threshers to other countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, America, Pakistan, India, Australia, etc., receiving good feedback from them.

rice thresher machine feedback working video

Application of rice thresher

Our thresher rice can thresh rice, wheat, sorghum, millet, and beans, and users should change the screen inside the machine to cater to different purposes.

Rice Threshing Machine
Rice Threshing Machine

Main structure of rice thresher

This wheat thresher machine mainly consists of a feeding hopper, roller, screen, wheels, draught fan, etc, bearing reasonable design, and it is convenient to move with the casters

Technical parameter of rice thresher

Raw materialRice wheat beans sorghum millet
Power3kw motor
EngineA gasoline engine or 12Hp diesel engine
rice thresher machine technical data

Working principle of rice thresher

  1. Place the rice, wheat, sorghum, millet, or beans into the inlet.
  2. When they go into the threshing part, under the friction of two rollers, kernels are fully separated.
  3. Then kernels are filtered by the screen and come out from the final inlet.
  4. Draught fun blows out other impurities such as husk and straw.
Wheat Threshing Machine
Wheat Threshing Machine

Advantage of wheat thresher

  1. High threshing rate. The threshing rate can reach 98% and the final kernels are very clean.
  2. Multifunctional functions. This rice thresher machine is suitable for rice, wheat, sorghum, millet, and beans.
  3. The wheat thresher is easy to operate, and the discharge port is equipped with a powerful blower and vibrating screen which further blows out impurities while filtering pretty clean kernels.
  4. With a high capacity of 1000kg/h, the millet threshing machine is very popular in the African market, we supply more than 10000 pcs there every year.
Wheat Thresher
Wheat Thresher

The successful case

This is the picture of a packed wheat thresher for sale machine, and it needs to be delivered to Nigeria. This customer bought 2000 sets of rice thresher machines in 2018, and we paid great importance to this order to ensure safe production and delivery.

Rice Thresher Delivery Site
Rice Thresher Delivery Site

It is the site where machines are kept, and he would distribute these machines to the local farmers, helping them improve working efficiency.

Millet Threshing Machine Using Site
Millet Threshing Machine Using Site


What is the raw material of this thresher?

The raw material can be rice, wheat, beans, sorghum, and millet.

Why does one machine thresh many crops?

Because the screen inside the machine can be changed.
We have many screens like the following picture.

The Screens Of Wheat Thresher
The Screens Of Wheat Thresher

Is it easy to change to a different machine?

Yes, it is easy to change, and you just need to loosen the screws inside the thresher.

Will you send me five screens if I buy one machine?

We just send you one screen for free, and you should pay extra money to buy more. It costs 20 dollars for one screen.