Walk-behind rice transplanter | Rice planting machine

What is the Walk-behind rice transplanter?

The walk-behind rice transplanter is also a kind of rice transplanter. The difference from the previous rice transplanter is that this rice transplanter allows people to walk behind and control it through the handle. The previous rice transplanter is integrated with the walking tractor and requires people to drive to control it. We have 4 rows walk behind rice transplanter and 6 rows walk behind rice transplanter.

Advantages of walk-behind rice transplanter

  1. This rice transplanter machine can be driven by a gasoline engine that gives more power to the machine.
  2. The transplanting distance can be adjusted with four grades by adjusting the speed and distance regulation handle. It can realize 12-14 or 16 -21 cm by a simple and quick operation.
  3. High applicability. The rice transplanter machine can walk easily even in rotten fields where the mud depth is15-35cm. It’s not limited by the size of the field.
  4. The machine is light in weight, which saves much labor.
  5. The user should put seedlings evenly and reliably to effectively avoid missing transplanting.
  6. Aesthetic shape, through-drive power transmission make the machine more strong and better balance.

Structure details of the 4 rows walk-behind rice transplanter

How to transplant rice seedlings?

There are two ways to transplant rice. What are the two methods of planting rice? One is traditional seedling transplanting that is manual transplanting, and the other is machine transplanting seedlings. Time is gold, are you still traditionally planting rice seedlings? To improve work efficiency, of course, you choose mechanized planting. With this hand-held rice transplanter machine, the plant spacing can be adjusted at any time.

What are the benefits of using machine transplant rice?

What is the difference between a rice transplanter machine and manual rice transplanting? From the point of view of efficiency, the paddy transplanter needs to be better. After all, machines are better than manual ones. Transplanting the same number of rice seedlings, manual transplanting can be completed in one day, and the transplanter can complete it in one hour.
In addition to the high speed, the rice transplanter machine has another advantage, that is, the plant spacing is the same. There will always be some errors in manual planting, either too close or too far apart. The planting distance can be controlled by a rice planting machine, which cannot be achieved manually. It is said that the yield will be higher if the seedlings are transplanted by machine. The above two points are undoubtedly the biggest advantage of rice planting machines, and they are also the disadvantages of manual transplanting. What can’t be done manually is done by the machine.

Technical Parameters

Model Technology Specification
Unit Specification
2ZS-4 Type Two wheels three floating plate types
Dimension( LengthxwidthxHeight) (mm) 2140×1630×910
Weight (kg) 165
Engine Name YAMAHA / MZ175-B-1
Engine Power (kw/rpm) 2.6/3000
type Air cooling four-stroke OHV Engine
Working lines 4 lines
Working speed (m/s) 0.34-0.77
Line distance (mm) 300
Seeding distance (mm) 210;180;160;140;120
seeding depth (mm) 15-35
Working capacity arce/ hour 0.10-0.2
paddy wheel structure rubber wheel
diameter (mm) 660
drive style  shaft drive transmission
Transplanting structure crank rocker structure


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