A complete rice mill plant is a process that helps to separate the husk and bran from the rice paddy to finally produce refined rice. By using our rice milling unit, you can get fully milled, white rice grains that are free from impurities and contain a minimum number of broken grains, and the white rice output is up to 69%-72%.

15TPD Rice Mill Plant Technical Data

2Paddy Rice DestonerZQS500.75+0.75
4Paddy Rice Husker(6Inch Rubber Roller) LG154
5Gravity Paddy SeparatorMGCZ70*50.75
6 Rice Mill(Emery Roller)NS15015
7Rice Grader400.55

Introduction Of 15TPD Integrated Rice Milling Equipment

This 15 tonnes per day output rice mill plant automates the whole process and is suitable for use exclusively by individual farmers, market towns, schools, and other units, as well as for small-scale rice production and processing factories, grain processing enterprises, rural co-operatives and grain processing co-operatives, and other types of paddy processing sites.

Video Feedback Of Working Site

Advantages Of Commercial Rice Milling Machines

Rice Mill Applications
  1. Low noise, no pollution dust;
  2. Fully automated production line, reducing manual intervention;
  3. Simple structure, easy to maintain and operate, relatively inexpensive;
  4. The rice husk produced can be used to make animal feed;
  5. High cleaning rate. Equipped with the de-stoning machine, it can remove more than 90% of impurities;
  6. High-quality materials and manufacturing processes are used to provide superior durability and reduced maintenance costs.

In addition, we make machines with four standard settings of 20, 25, and 30 tonnes per hour with different outputs, so you can choose according to the size of your industry and your budget.

Rice Mill Plant Main Machine List

The whole rice milling unit mainly includes the following machines: 2pcs elevator, paddy rice de-stoner, paddy rice husker, gravity paddy separator, and rice mill. This is the most basic rice mill unit plant.

The paddy is fed into the cleaning and de-stoning machine by a single elevator to remove large impurities and side stones and then fed into the hulling machine by a double elevator for de-hulling.

The elevator conveys the paddy to the gravity sieve for screening, the unhusked paddy is returned to the dehuller by the gravity sieve, and the brown rice enters the rice milling machine, where the rice is milled for deeper processing, and finally screened for broken rice. Details of each equipment are as follows.

15Tpd White Rice Making Line Structure
15Tpd White Rice Making Line Structure

Workflow Of White Rice Processing Line

1. Paddy Rice Destoner

This equipment has 2 layers of sieves, the first layer on the top mainly removes larger straw impurities, and the second layer on the bottom removes stones.

2. Paddy Rice Husker

The function of this device is to remove the husk and the mixture of brown rice and paddy obtained. The hulling rate is as high as 85-90 percent.

3. Gravity Paddy Separator

This device is divided into three zones, order of brown rice, paddy brown rice mixture, and paddy. The paddy is returned to the huller for a secondary operation, while the brown rice can go to the rice mill.

4. Rice Milling Machine

The most central machine in the rice mill plant mills the grain particles that have been hulled. This step helps to further separate the rice or flour portion.

5. Rice Grader

At the end, you will get 2% broken rice, the function of this equipment is to sieve with complete rice. It is better not to exceed 12.5% humidity of raw grain. Otherwise, the higher the humidity, the greater the rate of broken rice.

Efficient Paddy Processing Plant Succesful Cases

Rice mill plants are widely used in countries all over the world, especially in countries that rely heavily on grains such as rice and wheat as their main source of food. Our company has shipped this unit to India, Kenya, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Iran, Ghana, Togo, Malawi, Brazil, the United States, the Philippines, and so on.

Below is a picture of the machine being loaded and shipped and a picture of us receiving a visit from a customer to see the factory.

Of course, if you want to know more about the rice mill plant parameters, installation, and maintenance information, or you want to buy a larger scale production line, please browse our website, and you are welcome to contact us at any time, our business manager will reply to you within 24 hours.