Welcome to our upgraded rice mill line’s advanced production plant, which combines color sorting and packaging machines with a high-standard water polishing machine and intelligent storage bin to provide you with the ultimate rice processing experience.

High Standard 15TPD Rice Mill Line Structure

1. Necessary Parts : (you need to buy all )

Pre-cleaner— Destoner— Paddy Husker– Gravity Separator —-Rice Mill—

2. Optional Parts : ( you can choose one or more from the following machines according to your money )

Rice Polisher—Rice Grader—-Color Sorter—Storage Bin —Weighting and Packing Scale

Outcome: The more machine you buy, the white and smoother the rice quality will be.

Rice Mill Line Main Structure
Rice Mill Line Main Structure

Solution For 600-800kg/h Rice Mill Line Equipment

Specification Function
Paddy Rice Husker
Model: LG15Power:5.5kw
Separate the brown rice from the paddy by the difference of gravity and surface friction
Paddy rice Pre-cleaner
Model: SCQY40 Power:0.75+3  
Mainly to remove the stone in the paddy, but also remove some bigger straw than paddy rice and smaller sand or dust than paddy rice.
Paddy Rice Husker
Model: LG15 Power:5.5kw
Remove the outside husk to get brown rice
Gravity Paddy Separator
Model:MGCZ70*5 Power :0.75kw   
Use the 2nd rice mill to get whiter rice and decrease the breakage rate.
First Rice Mill 
Model:NS150 Power:15kw       
Use the 1st rice mill to remove the brown skin to get white rice
Magnetic SeparatorRemove small metals from rice
Rice Polisher with water
Model: MP12.5 Power:15kw+4kw
Selecting out other colors of rice or mildew rice from white rice.
Rice Polisher with water
Model: MP12.5 Power:15kw+4kw
Polish the white rice with spraying water, making it whiter and lighter.
Color Sorter
Model:6SXM-64(CCD) Power :1.5kw   
Get whole rice into 2 grades and Separate whole rice and broken rice.
White Rice Grader
Model:MMJP50X2 Power:0.35kw  
The finished rice can stay in the bin long time, with no need for one person to work by the packing machine non-stopping If you want to save labor, we can set up one storage bin before the packing machine. 
Storage Bin and elevator
To remove dust, rice husk, and other small impurities
Weighting and Packing Machine
Model: DCS-50 Power:0.37+0.37kw
Weighting, Filling into the bag, and sewing the bag.Weighting scope: 5-50kg    
White Rice Grader
Model: MMJP50X2 Power:0.35kw  
Used to connect all machines working together
Dust collecting pipes and Cyclone and other small accessoriesTo remove dust, rice husk, and other small impurities
Electric Cabin  Easy and safe for operation  
ToolsTools for installation and maintenance

Why Use A Water Polisher Machine

  • The water polisher and rice milling machine look very similar, the main difference is that the water mist polishing machine is equipped with a water hose, a water pump, and a water bucket.
  • The rice mill machine can use iron rollers or emery rollers, while the water polisher uses iron rollers. The function is mainly with a fine water mist to make the rice become smoother and whiter.

What’s The Function Of Storage Bin

  • Because the packing machine is very fast, it can pack a 50kg bag of rice in less than a minute and therefore can pack three tons of rice per hour. A 15TPD rice mill line produces 600kg of white rice per hour.
  • If a 3-ton storage bin is placed in front of the packaging machine, it takes 5 hours to fill the bin. When the bin is full, the packer is turned on and the packing process begins. In this way, the packing machine does not have to work constantly and an operator does not have to be there all the time.

Referable Design Drawings

Rice Mill Line Installation Drawing
Rice Mill Line Installation Drawing

Taizy Rice Mill Line Machines Factory Show

Welcome to the advanced production line of our upgraded rice mill line, which combines color sorting and packaging machines with a high-quality rice polisher with water and an intelligent bin, presenting you with the ultimate rice processing experience and demonstrating our company’s commitment to providing advanced technology and high-quality rice production process, we look forward to your visit and cooperation.