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Sunflower thresher


Sunflower thresher is equipped with high quality, and it can match with 4kw motor, diesel engine or tractor. Sunflower seed sheller machine connect with small four-wheel rear wheel. It is a new design thresher machine that is suitable for sunflower seed, saving much labor time.  Sunflower seed shelling machine has many advantages such as advanced structure, convenient  use high removal rate. All kernels will be broken. It can operate suitable for a long time and its capacity is 800-1000kg/h.



The sunflower threshing machine is made of threshing roller, sieve, holder and suspension frame. Sunflower peeling machine includes a tubular working chamber with a feeding port on the upper side and a discharge port on the lower side.

Sunflower thresher parameter

Model TZ-350
Power 4kw
Capacity 800-1000kg/h


Weight 180kg
Size 1300*1700*1100mm

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