This is a new type of maize thresher. The internal structure adopts threshing teeth, which has a better threshing effect. The new type of corn thresher is a professional machine for threshing maize. The machine can be equipped with large wheels, which can thresh corn with high efficiency, high cleaning rate, and it is convenient to use.


What kind of power can the machine equip with

Our corn thresher can be equipped with an electric motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine as power. In addition, we can customize large tires, brackets, traction frames. If your terrain is flat, you can choose a corn thresher equipped with small tires. If your terrain is rugged, you can choose a corn thresher equipped with large tires or with brackets, so no matter if your terrain is flat or rugged the machine can walk smoothly.
In addition, if it is convenient for you to use electricity, you can choose a corn thresher with a motor type. If electricity is not convenient, you can choose a corn thresher with a gasoline engine or a diesel engine. The important thing is that this corn thresher can also be connected with a walking tractor and can work directly in the field. If you plant corn, then you can choose this thresher.

Advantages of the Corn thresher machine

  • The take-off rate reached 98%.
  • The hourly output can reach 2 tons.
  • Strong customization.
  • Multiple choices of power modes.
  • Unique internal structure (tooth throwing).
  • The corn cob (corn cob) after threshing is complete and does not affect later use.

Structure of the maize thresher 5TYM-650

This maize thresher machine has feed inlet, big tire, bracket, outlet, power, traction frame.

The Structure Of 5Tym-650 Maize Thresher
The Structure Of 5Tym-650 Maize Thresher

Technical Parameters

Model 5TYM-650
Weight 50kg
Matching power 2.2-3kw or 5-8hp
Size 900*600*920
Productivity 1-2t/h
Cleaning rate 99%