This is a home-use corn thresher that is a double-roller. The threshing effect is faster and better. The machine can be equipped with two power modes: an electric motor and a gasoline engine. The machine structure is very small, and it is also very suitable for home use.

Structure of small corn thresher

This type of household corn thresher has a double roller. 

Double Roller Corn Thresher
double roller corn thresher

Machine details display

Corn Inlet
Corn Inlet

When the machine starts, you can put in a lot of corn at the same time.

There is 14 gear.

You can process both big and small corn by adjusting the gear.

Corn Cob Outlet
Corn Cob Outlet

This is corn cob outlet

After the corn threshed, the cob come out from here.

There are 4 wheels.

It is very suitable for move, so the working area is not limited

Wheel Of Home Use Corn Thresher
Wheel Of Home Use Corn Thresher

Use of small corn thresher

This Home use corn thresher machine is worth having one for every household. No matter how much corn you grow, you can buy such a machine. Because it is very small, it does not take up space, and the output is also suitable for household use.

Ten points to the operation of small corn thresher

If the operation is careless, it will not only cause damage to the machine but also cause serious personal injury and economic loss.

(1) V-belt of household corn thresher

Pay attention to the tension of the triangle transmission belt of the corn thresher. It will damage the machine if it is too tight, the belt will slip if it is too loose, and it must be re-adjusted if it is too loose or too tight.

(2) Pulley

Check whether the transmission system such as the belt pulley of the corn thresher is in a normal state. If there is an abnormality, it needs to be adjusted to a relatively good state.

(3) Motor steering

Before starting work, first, confirm whether the motor rotation direction is correct, that is, start the corn thresher and observe for 5-10 seconds. If there is no abnormal sound or vibration, the threshing operation should be continued.

(4) Corn dry humidity

The dryness and wetness of corn are directly related to the threshing effect. Corn has less moisture, good threshing effect, clean threshing, and fast threshing.

(5) Feeding at a uniform speed and appropriate amount

The feeding of corn cobs should not be interrupted during work. Feed people continuously and evenly. Otherwise, the quality and efficiency of corn threshing may be affected, and the machine may be blocked or damaged in severe cases.

(6) Bolt screw roller inspection

In order to ensure that the thresher can always operate normally, it is necessary to check the bolts and screws that fasten the drum and the bearing seat anytime and anywhere. Otherwise, tighten it in time.

(7) Exposed part inspection

Protective devices should be provided for all exposed parts. Before each operation, check the bolts on the threshing drum, fan, swing rod, bearing seat, and other moving parts of the corn thresher, and there must be no looseness.

(8) Machine troubleshooting

When working, no maintenance of any kind of corn thresher is allowed, and all actions need to be performed after shutdown.

(9) Parts lubrication maintenance of home use corn thresher

The long-term threshing operation of the corn thresher will produce natural abrasion, such as tooth punching, etc. will affect the threshing quality. In order to prolong the service life of the machine and obtain better economic benefits, all wear parts must be timely and accurately lubricated and maintained.

(10) Machine storage of small corn thresher

The operating time of the small corn thresher is not very long, it is generally concentrated in the corn harvest season, and most of the rest of the time is idle, so pay attention to the storage of the machine, the machine is clean, moisture-proof, fire-proof and moisture-proof so that it can be used in the coming year.

Machine parameters

Corn thresher machine
(Double rolls type)
Powergasoline engine or electric motor