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mung bean peeling machine

Bean peeling machine is to peel the outer layer of all kinds of beans such as soybeans, mung beans, red beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas, and broad beans, etc. The peeling rate is more than 98%, which is the ideal equipment for deodorizing soybeans and improving the quality of soybean products. It is suitable for food processing plants, hotels, and canteens, etc.

Bean peeling machine
Bean peeling machine

Structure of peel mung bean machine

The Peel mung bean machine is mainly composed of the inlet, frame, the reduction gearbox, the fan, the tensioner, base, the discharge hopper, the bean hopper, the bran collector, and other parts.

Structure of bean peeling machine
Structure of bean peeling machine

Technical parameter

Power5.5kw +1.5kw

Why to peel beans before deep processing?

Peeling is one of the key processes in bean processing. The peeling can reduce the heat-resistant bacteria in the soil and improve the flavor of soybean milk. Meanwhile, it can shorten the heating time required for the passivation of lipoxygenase and decrease the thermal denaturation of stored proteins, preventing the enzyme from browning.

Before peeling, through appropriate heat treatment, the protein undergoes moderate heat denaturation and then inhibits the production of odor substances. Soybeans are rich in proteins that can enhance physical fitness and the disease resistance of the body. Among the 100 kinds of natural foods, soybeans are the varieties with high nutritional value. All in all, beans need to be peeled when they are further processed.


Why to choose Taizy bean peeling machine?

At present, the machine for peeling soybeans and other beans generally has the disadvantage of low efficiency and uneven peeling. Some soybeans peeled by bean peeling machines are easily broken, which reduces the quality of the processed beans product. According to the domestic and foreign market demand, our bean peeling machine can not only remove terrible taste easily after peeling but also improve the taste of soybean products. Most importantly, it enhances the quality and added value of soybean products. It is the ideal equipment for deodorizing soybean and improving the grade of soybean products. Peel mung bean machine has two functions including peeling and separating, and it boasts reliable quality and high efficiency and it is easy to operate. The broad bean peeling machine meets the requirements of modern people to make high-end soybean products. It also can match with grits making machine.

peel mung bean machine
peel mung bean machine

Working principle of bean peeling machine

When working, the soybean enters the machine, under the rotation of the two grinding discs, it can achieve the purpose of peeling. When the soybeans are peeled and passed through the separation chamber, the peeled beans are discharged through the outlet under the action of wind force. Meanwhile, the skin and other powder are discharged through the outlet with the air.

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